Melatonin vs Sleeping Pills: Personal Story

Melatonin vs sleeping pills

When it comes to melatonin vs synthetic sleeping pills, I choose melatonin every time! Sleep is essential for your health. Getting the right amount of sleep helps you both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, sleep evades a lot of people, and we all want to turn to some kind of sleep aid for relief. I’ve tried … Read more

Best Bodyweight Training Program for Beginners

Getting Started on Fitness…? First and foremost, congratulations on taking the first step to getting fit with bodyweight training exercises. With every step, you build on that commitment and momentum to living a healthier and better lifestyle. Now that you’ve committed to getting fit and staying fit, the rest is downhill, because “showing up is … Read more

PhenQ vs Phen24: Which Is Better?

PhenQ and Phen 24 are weight loss supplements formulated by the same company that has sold hundreds of thousands of bottles since launching. After doing some digging I learned that these supplements are tailored to a different end-user. The PhenQ supplement is aimed at someone that is looking to consume fewer calories to prevent weight … Read more

Best Pre-Workout Drinks for Women – Clean & Effective

Figures show that a growing number of female athletes and fitness enthusiasts are using some form of pre-workout. And why wouldn’t they? Staying motivated to go to the gym on a regular basis is hard enough. CliffsNotes on Best Pre-Workout Drinks for Women Here’s a quick table of the list pre-workout drinks below Brand NLA … Read more

How to Control Portion Sizes in a Restaurant

Part of maintaining a healthy weight includes eating well and knowing how much to eat. When you’re at home in control of the cooking this portion control is much easier. This portion control goes out the window once you go out to eat. On top of that, I don’t think it’s any secret that the … Read more

How to Deadlift With Dumbbells

According to, the deadlift is one of the best full-body exercises you can do. However, with a big reward, there can be a big risk. A deadlift performed without proper technique is one of the quickest ways to injury and caution should be used. No matter your skill level or strength, learning how to … Read more

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike For a Short Person

If you’re looking for a convenient and enjoyable indoor workout, nothing beats a recumbent exercise bike. With better comfort, safety, and adjustability, a recumbent bike offers many advantages over similar types of machines. CliffsNotes Answer on Recumbent Exercise Bikes The best recumbent exercise bike for a short person is the JeeKee indoor spin bike. It … Read more