About Me

Hello world!

My name is Nicole Frazier. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2001 and recently left the profession (in 2017) to pursue other goals. In that time I’ve educated and encouraged women to improve their health and fitness. While I know that there are a ton of gyms and fitness facilities around, I believe a well-formulated bodyweight exercise can be just as effective as any gym routine and is a great way to start on your path to fitness.

My goal with this website is to educate and inspire. Since I don’t train full time anymore I wanted an outlet to share my knowledge. While I do help friends and families, this website will now be my avenue for sharing my knowledge with you all. Like a lot of you, I started working out at home, and then as I progressed I added a gym membership. I feel there are benefits to home workouts and gym memberships, and I touch on them both in my post. Additionally, I’ve acquired a lot of tips on gear, activewear, supplements, and will touch on these as well.

I hope this site will serve as a platform to educate, inspire and share experiences for anyone looking to improve their lives via fitness and healthy nutrition.

In addition to fitness tips, I love to cook and eat healthy foods. I’ll be sharing some insight into what kinds of foods provide good fuel for your workouts and how foods help to shape our bodies.

I also love quotes and inspirational messages. I personally can’t wake up every day and feel like tackling the world, so I turn to some help for motivation. Below are a couple of quotes that I like to keep in the back of my mind to power me into being the best version of myself.

Eat your food like it’s medicine, so you don’t have to eat your medicine like it’s food.”

Knowledge without application is useless.”

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I love to help others.