4 Secrets to Weight Loss Success

If you’re watching late night tv they make it seem so simple to lose weight and decrease your bodyfat percentage. They say all you need to do, is reduce your calorie consumption, and do a few walks around the neighborhood. While this is sort of correct and kind of an over-simplification of what needs to … Read more

How to Start Working Out For The First Time

It’s no secret that some kind of daily exercise combined with proper nutrition is basically a miracle pill for a long healthy life. It’s a simple solution to so many ailments but people have the hardest time maintaining or even starting a regiment that will provide fantastic results. In this post, I want to share … Read more

Tips on Building Muscle at Home

The gym is closed and you don’t have access to squat racks, dumbbells, barbells, and heavy weights, or any of the normal muscle building equipment you need. This means you’ll be doing your workouts at home, and this might scare you. The first thought might be “how in the heck am I going to do … Read more

How To Tone Calves Without Bulking Up

Having strong feminine calf muscles isn’t as desired as it used to be. The popularity of glutes and booty have left lean shapely legs and calves in the dust. This doesn’t mean your calves should be ignored. Every time you work your legs you should be incorporating a calf workout. The calf muscles are a … Read more

How To Workout With Asthma

As a kid, I suffered from asthma pretty bad. I had to take “breathing treatments” throughout the days and nights. I had an inhaler that I kept on my person 24/7, and I took prednisone every day. Strangely enough, I didn’t mind keeping my inhaler on me 24/7 and I didn’t mind popping pills every … Read more

Does Working Out at Home Really Work?

The gym vs home gym. Which is better? Does working out at home really work for people? Fitness and health are two areas of life that we should all give the necessary attention to. Staying fit and healthy is a real challenge to many people all over the world. With the busy schedule that many … Read more