How To Lose Alcohol Weight Gain|Practical Tips

How to lose alcohol weight gain

Sometimes I’m quietly envious of people that are allergic to alcohol. I feel like if I literally had doctors’ orders stating that alcohol is quickly killing me or destroying my liver, it would be significantly easier to pass on alcohol. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Not that I overconsume, but like most people, I’m prone … Read more

Does Collagen Make You Poop? : Let’s Talk

Does collagen make you poop

It’s healthy, everybody does it, and there’s nothing wrong with discussing a normally functioning human body. I’ll skip the jokes just because it’s too easy and just get into the topic of poop and how collagen can affect your daily routine.  Collagen is an abundant protein found in our body that is commonly referred to … Read more

5 Best Electric Bike For A Short Female

Electric bike for short female

Electric bikes (also referred to as e-bikes) have provided riders that don’t enjoy the rigorous intensity of mountain biking an opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy nature without overdoing it. E-bikes are also becoming more and more popular on bikeways, streets, and bike-friendly cities. The best electric bike for a short female is the Heybike Mars … Read more

10 Fitness Trends of 2021-2022: Fads vs Trends

Fitness trends of 2022

The last two years have been very memorable, especially for those who enjoy fitness and exercise. The pandemic forced closures of gyms, and it limited access to all sorts of clubs, equipment, and group training sessions. With all this change, it makes me consider 2022 fitness trends. The result of this paradigm shift in the … Read more