6 Tips For A Motivating Workout – Simple & Effective

I think we can all relate to losing a bit of steam or motivation when it comes time to hit the gym or get our fitness on. Whether it be lack of internal or external motivation there are some days when we don’t feel like getting any exercise. And it’s on those days that we’re feeling tired or unmotivated, that some would argue, it’s critical we push forward.

Having that mental fortitude to do your workout even if you don’t feel like it, can be the difference between hitting your goals or slowly failing. If you can manage to get started or at least start your workout, rarely do we just stop and quit.

In this post I want to share with you some tricks and tips that I use to help push through the exhaustion or laziness that might prevent us from getting some daily exercise.

Tips For A Better Workout

New Music

Upload New Music – I love listening to workout music when I exercise. I can remember when I first got a mp3 and it was a game changer at the gym. I don’t know how I ever did workouts prior to having my own music to listen to instead of whatever they were playing at the gym. But listening to the same tunes week after week can get a little dull.

Lately I’ve been adding new music and removing some old jams and it really helps. There’s just something about listening to upbeat music that can push me a little harder or power me through another set or rep. The best part is, it doesn’t have to be music just released. Even some old Led Zeppelin or 80’s hairband music (or whatever gets you pumped) can do the trick. If you’re music playlist is getting a little old, try uploading some new music and let it turn up your workouts.

Get Pumped

Get YouTube Pumped – Some days I have enough internal motivation to hit the gym, but other days I need a little pick me up. On days that I’m wavering on going to the gym or have no motivation I’ll watch some motivational YouTube videos.

It doesn’t have to be a bunch of Tony Robbins videos (not that there is anything wrong with Tony Robbins videos), but just something that will get me excited to hit the gym. Find an athlete you admire or a workout guru you like, and pull up videos of them discussing their drive or fitness routines. Before you even get to the gym, you’ll be excited to hit the machines and your body will thank you.

New Routine

A New Routine – Just like the concept of changing up your music, pick a different workout. We all get in the habit of turning off our brains, doing our workouts and leaving. It can become monotonous and your body will get used to the same old workouts. Make it a habit of changing up your routine so you don’t get bored with doing the same workout. Losing interest in your workout is a sure way to stop getting any exercise. Don’t fall victim to this habit.

On average I find that changing my workout routine about every 6-8 weeks not only keeps it interesting for me, but it also challenges my body and muscles. If you’re set on sticking to the same routine, just switch out a day or two during the week will likely mix it up enough.

For me, doing a bodyweight workout every few weeks keeps my joints healthy and it can mix up my regular workout routine.

New Gear

New Workout Gear – This one is a rare occasion since I try not to buy new clothes every weekend, but it’s surprising how getting a new pair of workout shoes or a new workout attire is motivating. Obviously, you don’t need new gear very often, but when I do swap out my shoes or grab a new workout shirt, for some reason I feel motivated to get in the gym and put it to use.

Just the other day I swapped out my workout shorts for a different pair (not even new shorts) and I was excited to see how they fit and worked with my workout. Come to find out they fit great, but my phone kept falling out of my pocket since they didn’t have zip up pockets. Not a big deal, but I was excited to try them out, and that’s all you need for a little motivation.

New Location

Different gym location – The membership I have allows me to go to a variety of different gyms in my area. I tend to stick to the same one as it’s in between my work and home and is convenient to hit after work. But on occasion I’ll go to a different location for my workout. If you a gym that has a few different locations that are all accessible, going to a different location has always been motivating for me.

Most gyms have a lot of the same machines, free weights, and cardio equipment, but there’s new faces and sometimes new equipment. The change in scenery for me is great for weekend workouts. The other gyms (that are part of the same chain) are a little off the beaten path for me, so hitting them on a Saturday when I’m not so pressed for time, is perfect for kicking my workout up a notch.

New Goals

Set A New Goal – I don’t mean to toss out your old goals or even goals you haven’t accomplished yet, but setting a closer goal that you’re positive you can accomplish is a great internal motivator. Something as easy as hitting the gym 6 days this week, can motivate you to keep hitting the gym.

Another one might be to walk a mile everyday before work. The longer goals like fitting into a certain dress or dropping a certain amount of bodyfat can take time, but if you set a reasonable goal that is a bit easier to achieve, it will encourage you to keep exercising. These little goals can just be stepping blocks for your longer-term goals.

Conclusion of Workout Tips

Staying motivated to lose weight, decrease body fat, and/or hit your exercise goals can be challenging sometimes. People can find different motivating factors so figure out what works for you. With the proper tools and support, you can find and stay motivated to reach your weight loss goals.

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