Proven Leg Day Tips for Women in 2020

The infamous leg day has arrived. I feel like leg day for women is a bit different for men though. While it’s true that both sexes want to have strong legs, for men, the upper body is where the sexy muscles are at, so that’s where they’ll focus. And as women, we tend to pine … Read more

How To Tone Calves Without Bulking Up

Having strong feminine calf muscles isn’t as desired as it used to be. The popularity of glutes and booty has left lean shapely legs and calves in the dust. This doesn’t mean your calves should be ignored. Every time you work your legs you should be incorporating a calf workout. The calf muscles are a … Read more

The Best Spin Bike For a Short Person

Spin bikes are a great way to get into a cardio routine. They’re a complete cardio and strength workout, as they are used to strengthen both your upper and your lower body, while also burning fat. They really are a full-body workout. Unfortunately, for short people, getting access to the right-sized spin bike is challenging. … Read more