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There is a new fad going around call “Proffee.” It’s a combination of protein and coffee combined to make proffee. What everybody wants to know is, how do you make proffee and is it good for you.

The easiest way to make proffee is to add your protein powder first and then pour the coffee over it. If you try to add the protein powder after you’ve poured your cup, it can easily over-fill and it makes it incredibly difficult to stir when it’s brimming.

If you’re making a cold coffee, I would suggest adding your ice cubes first, then your protein powder of choice, and top it off with your favorite black coffee.

First, let’s break down the components of the drink to determine if this is just a fad that will cost you a bunch of money or will it in fact be a next-level nutritional drink.

Is Coffee Good For You?

Coffee, as we all know can be a great morning pick-me-up to bring us to life. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and has been shown to prevent diseases associated with aging. It also contains the magical ingredient caffeine. Caffeine when consumed in moderation can be good for you. If you’re drinking a ton of coffee every day then this is overkill. Excessive caffeine is linked to anxiety, shaking, tremors, trouble falling to sleep, and even heart issues. If you’re experiencing anything like this, it’s a clue that you need to dial back your caffeine intake. 

So in moderation, coffee or caffeine isn’t bad for you. The trick here is to stick to just black coffee, and this is the rub for most people. All the sweeteners, flavors, creams, or whatever else you’re putting into your coffee are mostly sugar. And as we all know, we need to limit our sugar intake. Bottom line, if you’re going to be making proffee, stick with straight coffee.

The next ingredient is protein. 

Are Protein Powders Good For You?

Protein powders and shakes are very popular these days. They’re convenient, nutritious, and can be very filling. It’s not surprising that people are using them as either a snack (Healthy Workout Energy Bars), meal replacements, or just so they can get a bit of protein. Depending on the type of protein powder you get, a scoop usually has around 10-30 grams of protein.

But not all protein powders are created equal. They’re not regulated by the FDA and they often contain things like artificial flavors, sweeteners, sugars, and a host of other impurities.

When selecting a protein powder look on the nutrition labels and choose powders that don’t contain all extras. 

Best Protein For Proffee

If you’re using a protein powder that has double-digit grams of sugar, then it would be wise to find an alternative. The protein powder I use contains 2 grams of sugar. It does contain some added flavors, but I consider it pretty healthy. It’s also low in carbohydrates which is a plus!

Below are a couple of other protein powders that would be good options.

1) Bodylogix Natural Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder – Bodylogix Natural Whey contains cold-processed, cross-flow micro and ultra-filtered non-denatured whey proteins sourced from grass-fed cows. With 24 g of fast-absorbing premium protein per serving, Natural Whey helps increase lean muscle and stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Features and benefits

  • It’s available in multiple sizes and flavors
  • It’s third-party tested for purity and certified
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

2) Puori Whey Protein Powder – Puori is made with whey from organically raised cows, sweetened a touch with a little bit of coconut palm sugar. It comes in two delicious flavors and tastes great with water or almond milk.

Features and benefits

  • Contains 21 grams of protein per scoop
  • One of Clean Label Projects top recommended protein powders
  • Free from GMO, hormones, and pesticides.

Can I Use Protein Shakes For Proffee?

Similar to protein powders there are a ton of protein shakes that are on the market. If you don’t have protein powder, using a protein shake can work. Just like the protein powders you need to be mindful of the ingredients of the shake. Read the label for extra sweeteners, sugars, or impurities that could erase all the benefits.

The other thing I would be careful about is the amount of liquid you’re going to be consuming. If you’re combing a 12-16oz protein shake with another 12+ ounces of black coffee you can expect to be using the restroom in the near future. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but be aware of it. You don’t want to down a proffee before going into an hour-long meeting at work.

What Does Proffee Taste Like?

The x-factor on proffee really comes down to the type of protein you’re using. I think we all know what straight black coffee tastes like, but the protein powders and shakes these days come in a variety of flavors. From vanilla to chocolate to berry-flavored protein powders, you’ll come across a lot of protein powders. Each will make a proffee taste different from the other. This can be a good thing. You can tailor a proffee to your liking.

If you’re accustomed to using a simple vanilla sweetener in your morning coffee, you’ll find a host of vanilla-flavored protein powders and shakes that will taste similar to what you might be currently drinking.

Is Proffee Healthy?

Proffee can be a nutritious morning starter, but it will depend on all the extras you’re using. It will also depend on the type of protein shake or powder you’re using. If you avoid all the extra sweeteners, creams, and sugary add-ons and stick with a straight black coffee and healthy protein powder, you’ll be fine.

When Should I Drink Proffee?

Caffeine will be the kicker on this one. I personally stop drinking caffeine around 2 pm. Caffeine can easily keep me up at night, so I know it stays in my system for a while. If you’re a person that isn’t affected by caffeine you could probably drink this into the afternoon. A lot of people experience fatigue after lunch so it could serve as a caffeine kick to power you through the rest of your workday. Personally, I would avoid it anytime after 5 pm.

If you’re using it as a meal replacement, I would caution you against this. Consider why you’re replacing whole foods with proffee. Calories and nutrition are best consumed via the whole foods they are in, not with meal replacements. This isn’t to say protein shakes can’t be used for small meals, but avoid using them too much.

How Many Calories In Proffee?

Another good thing about coffee is there are only a few calories in a cup of coffee. The number of calories in your protein shake or powder will vary. The protein powder I use for my workouts is 140. So a proffee for me is less than 150 calories. Not too bad!

Wrapping up Proffee

Proffee is basically a homemade pre-workout drink (Best Pre-Workout For Women). It combines the advantages of caffeine for that boost of energy, with the pros of protein powder. Like a lot of things, it will depend on the other additions (syrups, sweeteners, creams, sugar) that will determine how healthy it is, and if you should consume them. If you’re buying protein powder in bulk and coffee is already relatively cheap, I say go for it. Just be smart about it.

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