Discover How To Relieve Pain From Shoulder Blades Now

If you’re here reading this, you’re probably looking to exhaust all possible treatments before considering going under the knife and getting any kind of back surgery to help alleviate the on-going back pain you’ve dealt with. I will also assume, you’ve researched the thousands of dollars a back surgery will cost, not to mention the … Read more

Proven Benefits of Pullups for Women

The dreaded, intimidating, extremely hard pull up exercise. For some women, the thought of performing a pull up is equivalent to flying over a building. They just don’t see it happening. They know what a pullup is, maybe they’ve tried them at some point, but now it’s just a type of exercise. I want to … Read more

Best Home Shoulder Workouts Without Weights

Working out at home because your gym is closed or just trying to save a bit of money, by avoiding monthly gym fees? I get it! The best home shoulder workouts you can do without weights are lifts like lateral raises, overhead presses, and front raises. These will increase the strength, range of motion, flexibility, … Read more

Quotes About Being Healthy and Active

I love reading quotes! There’s something about a good quote that can stick with you. I’ve noticed that people usually have a favorite quote too. Like a favorite movie, song, book or whatever, if you ask someone what their favorite quote is, they usually can recite one. So what is it about a quote that … Read more