Best Women’s Gym Bag with a Shoe Compartment

Working out at the gym regularly does involve some planning, especially if you are a busy bee and have to cram your gym schedule into your fast-paced life. Imagine going to the gym first thing in the morning and then heading to work straight from there.

You would naturally need to carry a pair of workout shoes (Best Cross Training Shoes For Flat Feet) along with your gym equipment. As you probably know our workout shoes can get a little stinky. Even if you just leave them in your car, particularly in the summer, they can sometimes make your car stink something fierce.

Besides the smell factor, our gym shoes are usually stepping in sweat, germs, bathroom hair, and all sorts of things you don’t want to consider. Therefore, I prefer to keep my shoes away from my clothes. And I’m not talking just about my work clothes, but also separate from my workout clothes.

How good it would be to have a gym bag that could hold your shoes as well?

Not only a separate shoe compartment, but a gym bag with several compartments can be a big help.

If you’ve ever used just a large gym bag and are constantly looking for your keys, wallet, or phone amongst all your work clothes or gym gear, it can be like a fishing expedition. Frustrating and not fun.

Choosing such a gym bag among several options could be challenging, but do not worry, because if you are looking for the best women’s gym bag with shoe compartment, these reviews could help you make a more informed decision. Additionally, the bags I’ve discussed below are only 4-star bags and above, with tons of reviews. Be sure to click on the links to see what other customers are saying about them.

1)Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0

• The gym bag comes with 10 compartments, one for each of your gym needs.
• A big mouth opening ensures you can fetch your gym equipment easily and a side compartment can be used for shoes.
• A water-resistant bottom panel and reinforced stitching make the bag a durable option.
• 2 wet pockets, several inside pockets, and bottle compartments make the gym bag dependable and worry-free.

• The top zipper is well-designed so that once you open the top compartment, you can view all the contents of the bag easily without having to rummage through.
• Its bottom vinyl pocket ensures all your wet gym clothes are hindered from damaging the other portions of the bag.
• The side pocket is separated from the main pocket through a barrier, which makes it a good space for carrying your shoes without worrying about your clothes getting dirty.

2) Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0

• This gym bag sports one large vented pocket where you could easily fit your shoes and towels too if you need to.
• It also has an additional large zippered pocket in the front that lets you organize the items in your bag better.
• A highly water-resistant finish and abrasion-resistant side and bottom panels make it easy to carry it around anywhere.
• An adjustable, padded shoulder strap adds to the comfort of carrying the bag around.

• It is small and lightweight, yet it has enough room to carry all your gym essentials, shoes, and more.
Heavy-duty stitching ensures the bag is durable and its water-resistant material suits all kinds of gym accessories, such as wet towels, toiletries, and clothes.
• The padded shoulder strap is removable, making it flexible to use and carry.

3) WANDF Foldable Sports Gym Bag

• It is a gym bag that could also double up as a travel bag. It has multiple compartments that fit everything from clothes to shoes, to bottles, and more.
• It has a large interior wet pocket that allows you to dump your wet towel or drenched gym clothes after a workout and not worry about them until you get home.
• Lightweight and foldable, it is an ideal travel companion and could be stowed away anywhere when not in use.

• If you are an organizer and love separate compartments for your things, this is the bag for you. Your shoes have a separate room and so does your yoga mat. Clean and dirty things stay in their separate pockets.
• The large wet pocket is a boon for those who work out before or after work. This way, your dress clothes remain safe from your gym clothes.
• Even though it is lightweight, you may be surprised at how sturdy it is and how well it can handle the weight. It is not for nothing that the bag gets compliments for its looks when you travel with it.

4) MarsBro Water Resistant Sports Gym Bag

• This bag’s shoe compartment comprises external zippers and air holes. This makes sure your shoes remain well-ventilated at all times and your clothes do not carry the smell of your shoes after a workout.
• Apart from the large main compartment to hold all your necessities, the bag also has an internal security pocket for your valuables and a side pocket for knick-knacks.
• Its water-resistant coating and anti-tearing build make it a perfect companion for everyday use.

• Being lightweight and durable, this bag is ideal for those who often travel long distances between, work, home, and the gym.
• It boasts of a stylish look, so you are not stuck with one of those flashy looking gym bags out there. Use it to receive compliments.
• The wet pocket is on the other side of the bag and hence, it does not take up the room in the main compartment.

5) YUMC Travel Yoga Gym Bag for Women

• This yoga plus gym bag is a must-buy if you are stylish and a yogi. Its independent shoe compartment ensures your dirty shoes do not mix with your other belongings.
• It boasts of a multifunctional storage space that has enough room for your yoga mat, gym clothes, wet clothes, toiletries, and other essentials.
• This bag is lightweight, durable, and comes in vibrant colors such as grey, orange, and pink.

• If you are a regular at a yoga studio, this bag is for you. The standard size itself has so much room that you would not have to worry about carrying essentials as well as non-essentials. The separate top compartment for the yoga mat keeps the mat’s shape intact.
• The look and feel of this bag are much more compact than the usual gym bag, which makes it easy to carry despite holding so many items within.
• The bag is easy to clean and has a feminine look without being too girly.

How to Choose a Gym Bag

A gym bag is not just about how many items it can hold. It is also about matching your style and personality. For a woman who regularly goes to the gym, choosing the right gym bag should be based on the following parameters.

Size: Make a list of all the things you need to carry to the gym and then look for a bag with the size that would hold all of these items, with room to spare.

Compartments: Look for bags that have separate compartments for shoes, wet items, small items like headphones (The Best Truly Wireless Headphones), keys, phones, wallets, clean clothes, workout gloves (Best Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves With Support), and so on. The more organized the bag is, the easier it is for you to use.

Breathable Pockets: If your bag has a shoe and a wet compartment, make sure these pockets are well-ventilated. You do not want to be stuck with smelly shoes and clothes after you return home from a long, hard day.

Look and Feel: Do not neglect style. Most gym-goers do well with a duffle-style gym bag, but if you are an athlete or a cyclist, you might prefer a backpack. A handbag-style might suit you best if you are a yoga practitioner. Choose the colors that complement your everyday style and pay attention to the comfort level of the straps.

FAQ on Gym Bags

What should I pack in my gym bag?

This will vary from person to person, but anything you would need to take a shower and get dressed after a shower. Shower shoes are recommended too.

Can I use a backpack as a gym bag?

Absolutely. A lot of gym bags are similar to a backpack, because they’re easy to carry. As long as you can keep your items safe and separate, it should be fine.

What makes a good gym bag?

A good gym bag will have separate compartments for all your belongings, as well as big enough to carry your stuff. Easy to carry, lightweight, and organized, to help you find anything you’re looking for.

Should I bring a towel to the gym?

A majority of gyms will ask you to bring your own towel. I also recommend a separate shower towel and a workout towel to clean equipment after use.

Conclusion of Gym Bags: Make Going to the Gym Motivating

If you go to the gym whether sun or rain, you might be able to just pick a practical gym bag and do fine with it. For others, going to the gym requires some motivation and then, who comes to the rescue but a fascinating, organized, stylish gym bag?

Take your pick from the above-reviewed women’s gym bags and feel the ease and comfort of adding more gym time to your daily routine. No more excuses. These handy gym bags allow you to visit the gym no matter how jam-packed your schedule is, without having to worry about a fresh pair of shoes or a change of clothes.

What kind of gym bag do you use? Backpack perhaps? Leave a comment below.

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