Best Shoes for Nurses With Flat Feet

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But it would be dismissive to think that at the end of a long day, we’re all super excited to get a workout in. It’s just a reality that some women (and men) are on their feet all day long. This is especially true for women in the medical field.

If you’re a nurse that is spending a considerable amount of your workday walking around and you have flat feet. It begs the question, what are the best shoes for nurses with flat feet?

Fun fact: On average, a nurse will walk 3 miles per shift!

For those in the nursing profession, working long hours tirelessly is a daily routine. It is common to get feet-ache from all the standing and the running around you are expected to do as part of your job. To support such hectic schedules, you must wear properly fitting shoes.

If you have aching feet at the end of your shift, you’re not going to feel like running on a treadmill (Best Compact Treadmills For Running) or exercising. You’ll want to do the exact opposite…Which is completely understandable.

While people with normal feet might find comfortable shoes easily, things get difficult for those with flat feet. If you have flat feet, the arch of your feet is practically non-existent, making the feet roll inward.

On top of it, if your feet are overexerted, they might ache worse than they would if you had normal feet. Do not worry, for there are some excellent shoes that you could purchase to support your flat feet. Here we reviewed the best shoes for nurses.

Best Shoes for Nurses With Flat Feet

1) Dansko Women’s Professional Clog $$$$

• This pair of shoes has a roomy reinforced toes box, which is a boon to flat feet. The toes usually extend outwards in flat feet and more room gives them more flexibility.
• An anatomically contoured midsole and an inner frame provide extra stability and support where your feet arch should have been.
• A heel counter provides support to the heel when the feet move up and down.
• The pair boasts of an anti-fatigue rocker bottom for greater comfort when worn during long hours of work.

• The wide area is beneficial for toes to wiggle and these shoes could be worn even without thick socks as they are comfortable by themselves.
• Even considering that they are essential shoes, they do not lack style. They are available in many colors and patterns that get a ton of compliments.
• Those with severe pain in their feet from underlying conditions such as arthritis and plantar fasciitis also benefit from these shoes.

2) Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex $$

• This pair from Skechers provides an exterior toe and heel guard that ensures your feet can withstand long durations of standing.
• Its cushioned arch support is a boon for those with flat feet. The cushion helps make up some of the issues of having a flattened or a non-existent arch.
• Being slip-resistant, this pair of shoes could be worn on any surface. This is beneficial for nurses who have to deal with moving between different rooms, labs, homes, etc. all day long.
• It is water and stain repellent making it a low-maintenance pair of shoes.

Those who have curled toes and have to be on their toes all through the day can now relax because this pair of shoes would get you straight through over 10000 steps a day.
• Other shoes might cause your toes to cramp and bleed when they are new, but not these. Wear them without the fear of having to use a bandage.
• Just because they are helpful does not mean they are dull. They come in a variety of colors that could make your feet attractive and receive some compliments.

3) KLOGS Women’s Mission Closed-Back Nursing Clog $$$

• Easy to clean scuffs. As a nurse, you’re constantly locking and unlocking cots/beds, which can leave scuffs. With these Klogs the scuffs come right off.
• Excellent Arch Support & Superior Cushioning
• Nurses love not having shoelaces to trip over or constantly coming undone. Peace of mind sometimes is priceless.

• Plantar fasciitis is a common complaint among nurses, who often develop this condition due to excessively long hours of standing. The removable sole of this pair comes to the rescue to alleviate some amount of pain.
• ER nurses love this shoe because it’s easy to clean and disinfect. Tennis shoes can be great but these can simplify your life.

4) Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Ii Clog $$$

• The pair of crocs offers a roomy fit with heels designed to meet most standards of the workplace of a nursing home or a hospital.
• It includes footbed liners for extra comfort, which are also removable and washable.
• The toes region of this pair of shoes is thicker, making it spacious for flat feet. Your toes no longer feel like they will spill out of your shoes when you wear this pair.
• The material is fully molded and easy to clean, making it water-resistant as well as a low maintenance pair of shoes.

• Among other shoes for nurses, this pair stands out because of its affordable pricing. Make your feet feel better without spending hundreds of dollars on so-called comfortable shoes.
• Your feet are not the only ones that suffer when you are a nurse. It is common for nurses to experience leg and knee pain due to standing for long hours. The under-foot cushion of this pair of shoes can bring down some of the pain.
• Being lightweight, they can be worn in any situation. No need to tiptoe around patients that need a quiet atmosphere. These shoes are noiseless.

5) Waterproof Non-Slip – StickyPRO Shoes $$

• Another great pair of nursing shoes, this comes with a shock absorber in the sole along with an anti-torsion system. These ensure your feet feel lighter.
• The upper and the outer sole are all waterproof, so you do not have to worry about bodily fluids soaking your feet. Additionally, there is an absorbent footbed that further helps to keep your feet dry.
• There is enough support for the missing arch under your feet so that walking on flat feet is not painful anymore.

• Do you work double shifts sometimes where you have to walk about 10 miles a day? This pair of shoes can help. They are so lightweight that exertion would never make your feet sore again from excessive walking.
• Those dealing with other conditions such as edema could also benefit from wearing these shoes.
• Being low-maintenance and durable, this pair is perfect for nurses who do not have time to clean. A general wipe-down is good enough.

Fun Fact: National nurses week is May 6 to May 12.

Shoe Buying Guide for Nurses With Flat Feet

Keeping the challenges of finding good pairs of shoes for flat feet in mind, here are some parameters to look for when you shop.

Size: Your feet should be comfortable when you are buying a pair of shoes. If they are not, they may or may not be easy to break-in later. Hence, it is safer to pick the right size during the purchase. I would include comfort in this section too. Some shoes just aren’t comfortable. If you get the feeling that it will take a while to “break them in” they might not be the right shoe.

Arch Support: Look for shoes with straight insteps so that your shoes do not bend inwards because of the lack of arches under your feet. They should be stable and firm in the middle and have a curved shape that stops the foot from rolling inwards, propping the arch of your foot upwards.

Toes and Heels Support: When you try on the shoes, make sure there is enough room for your toes to wiggle. Allow room for heel movement as well. If there is no space for either, the pair is not right for you.

Can Walking Barefoot Cause Flat Feet?

The foot is made up of multiple muscles and has a ton of small bones. This allows the foot to conform or adjust to the surface it’s walking on. Shoes can act as a rigid, unchanging platform for the foot. This has the potential to weaken muscles on the underside of the foot and the stabilizing muscles in the lower leg.

In current times, we rarely walk around barefooted, outside of our homes. Footwear serves a purpose in protecting our feet. But there are also potential benefits from spending time barefoot — allowing the foot to function the way it is adapted to work.

Why is it Considered Bad to Have Flat Feet?

From a body mechanics standpoint, having flat feet isn’t as capable of keeping the body stable as those without flat feet. As a result of this, a person with flat feet is more susceptible to having chronic back pain.

The body is incredibly smart and will try to compensate for where it might lack. In this case the constant compensating causes undue stress on bones and muscles there weren’t designed to carry the load of stability, the foot is designed for.

Conclusion: The Best Shoes for Nurses

Your feet are often the most neglected parts of your body and even more so when you are at a nursing job that over-exerts them. They need proper and constant care. As a nurse, taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of the sick. Therefore, do your best to provide the optimum care for your feet. Purchasing a comfortable pair of shoes can go a long way in easing up your day. Take your pick from the shoes reviewed above and your feet will thank you.

FAQ on Best Shoes for Nurses

What are the best shoes for healthcare workers?

There are brands such as Skechers, Crocs, and Klogs that tailor lines of shoes for healthcare workers. They’re designed for durability and comfort.

Why do nurses wear Clogs?

Klogs brand shoes provide great support for those who spend a large portion of time on their feet. This helps alleviate foot, ankle, knee, and back pain.

What are the best shoes for walking all day?

Shoes that have great arch support, fit properly and allow for a minimal amount of toe and heel movement.

Are Crocs good nursing shoes?

Healthcare workers commonly wear Crocs during the day as they can provide great arch support, are comfortable, and can be cleaned easily.

What is your favorite pair of shoes for being on your feet all day? Leave a comment below.

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