Best Ankle Weights for Sculpted Glutes – Guide and Tips

Ankle weights have been around for years and have been very popular for adding a little extra resistance to things like hip and leg muscle workouts. They continue to be popular because they’re affordable, easy to use, versatile, and most importantly effective. The best ankle weights for your glutes along with a list of tips, exercises, buying guide, and more are below.

Ankle weights are great for toning your legs, glutes, calves (How To Tone Your Calves Without Bulking Up), rehabilitating after an injury, and are commonly suggested by physical therapists. The benefits of ankle weights are tremendous.

The best ankle weights for sculpted glutes will be the correct weight, won't irritate your skin, and will fit well.

The best ankle weights for sculpting your glutes will be durable, comfortable to wear, and will be heavy enough to be manageable.

Contrary to popular belief and usage, ankle weights are really meant to be used for adding resistance to walking, running, and jumping. This isn’t to say they can’t be used for these activities, but they can serve a better purpose. Ideally, ankle weights will give you that added resistance to make sure your body squats, leg lifts, bear crawls, and donkey kicks produce even more results.

If you’re looking to add even more resistance to your exercise regimen and get better results when it comes to toning the legs, glutes, and core, a pair of high-quality ankle weights can make this task much easier and more efficient.

I’ve reviewed several ankle weights currently available that have at least a 4 out of 5-star rating, or that I’ve personally used. So let’s get into it.

Best Ankle Weights for Women’s Glutes

Sportneer (Editor’s Choice)

1) Sportneer Ankle Weights – Looking to tone up? Build some muscle? Torch those calories? Do it all with the Sportneer Wrist and Ankle Weights! These strap-on weights add comfortable yet effective resistance that’ll amp up your workouts.


  • Comes in a pair
  • Adjustable for universal fit
  • Easy to adjust Velcro straps
  • Made of neoprene, reinforced stitching make them durable

Benefits to you:

  • Anti-fray design means longer-lasting, so you don’t have to replace them any time soon.
  • Don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size since they’re adjustable.
  • Velcro is easy to use, so no belts to fumble with or laces to break.
  • The neoprene is soft on the skin so no chaffing while using them.


2) Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights – This set is designed with a woman in mind, so they’ve made sure to up the comfort and the style, giving you a weight set that you can be proud of and won’t mind wearing through those workout sessions.


  • Extra padding for comfort
  • One year guarantee
  • Comes in a set

Benefits to you:

  • Comes in a variety of resistance
  • Easy to strap on and go making them quick to use during workouts
  • Velcro strapping makes them adjustable and could be used as wrist weights
  • The weight is evenly distributed across the ankle, so no sore points on the ankle

Amazon Basics (Runner up)

3) Amazon Basics Adjustable Ankle Weights – Effectively boost your workout at home or away. The AmazonBasics ankle-weight set slips easily into a gym bag for take-along convenience, and it can be used by all ages and skill levels.


  • Made of durable polyester and nylon
  • One year warranty
  • A removable weight to suit your needs
  • Can be used a wrist weights

Benefits to you:

  • Double velcro straps feel strong and secure so the weight won’t spin.
  • Feels soft on the skin and won’t chaff
  • Since they are adjustable easy to use per physical therapist instructions
  • Double velcro straps allow you to use them as clogs on feet


4) Prodigen Adjustable Ankle Weights – Burn your calories! Increase your endurance and core strength! Max out your workout performance! Do it all with the Prodigen Wrist and Ankle Weights! And they come with a lifetime warranty!


  • Individual bags or change in resistance
  • Velcro strapping for easy adjustments
  • Made of soft cotton and moisture-absorbing materials

Benefits to you:

  • The individual bags and differences in weights make them easy to customize. Don’t have to worry about them being too heavy or too light
  • Weights are very secure, so they won’t fall out while usage
  • Soft cotton makes them great for hot climates or summer usage
  • Great for post-surgery, since the weights can be easily increased or lowered.


5) BalanceFrom Ankle Weights – With an oversized velcro pad, the weights are super easy to put on and off. Fully adjustable to fit ankle, wrist, arm, or leg. Weights are made of a neoprene exterior, reinforced stitching, and a moisture absorbing material inside, soft, breathable, and comfortable.


  • Adjustable strapping
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • With a variety to choose from, you can find a weight that works for you
  • 2-year warranty

Benefits to you:

  • One size fits all, so there easy to take on and off
  • Great for people with larger calves, so anybody can use them. Don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size
  • Not listed for water use, but made out of polyester, so great for water workouts
  • Great for rehabilitation and physical therapy work

Ankle Weight Buying Guide

The best ankle weight for glutes will work with yoga, Pilates, and basic resistance training.

If you’ve never purchased or looked into getting a pair of ankle weights to help supplement your workout routine there are three important factors to be aware of. These include the type of weight, adjustability, and affordability.

Adjustable Ankle Weights

Adjustable weights are great because they can be used by the entire family, and will fit virtually everybody. If you have a fixed strap or don’t have the convenience of adjustment they can become uncomfortable.

Additionally, during the winter you might wear them on the outside of layers and during the summer they might just be around your ankle. Being able to adjust them will ensure you’ll use them vs collecting dust in the back of the closet.

Weight Type

Ankle weights primarily use weights like sand, metal, or water. In the list above I didn’t include any water because over time they are prone to leak with wear and tear. Sand and metal weights have their unique features.

Metal can be used in water and can be easier to swap in and out. Sand is less likely to shift due to gravity. The above-mentioned reviews are highly rated so any product disadvantages will likely be very minimal.

Affordability of Ankle Weights

It would be dismissive to think that price won’t play a factor in your purchasing decision. The reviewed ankle weights range a bit. Consider the features of each and focus on what you’ll be using them for so that you can make an informed decision without experiencing any buy regret.

5 Best Ankle Weight Exercises for Glutes

Ankle weight exercises for glutes include kickbacks, and leg raises.

The good thing about ankle weights is you can do a variety of workouts with them. They are small and compact so there easy to use. Here is a shortlist of some workouts you can do, to focus on getting those curves.

1) Kickbacks – for kickbacks you start on all fours, while keeping your core engaged and your back flat, kick your left leg straight back. Aim like you’re placing your heel on a wall behind you, with your foot partially flexed straight. Hold the pose and squeeze your glute for a couple of seconds and return your leg to the starting position. Alternate legs 12-15 times.

2) Fire Hydrants – for fire hydrants you will start on all fours again. With either your leg fully extended out or bent at the knee, lift your leg parallel out to the side at a 90-degree angle (think dog and a fire hydrant). Again, hold for a count of 2 and return the leg back down. Alternate legs for 12-15 reps.

3) Leg Raises – for leg raises you’ll start on your side with your legs together. Raise your leg as high as you can go, and return it to the starting position. Do the same leg for 12-15 reps and then lay on your other side, doing the same motion.

4) Donkey Kicks – this exercise will really make you feel the burn. Start with your hands and knees on the floor. From there, start by raising your left leg up behind you so your thigh is parallel to the floor( similar to kickbacks) to create tension in your butt. Next, with either your leg bent at the knee or straight behind you, kick up and back. Alternate legs and do for 12-15 reps.

5) Front Lunge – the front lunge is a pretty common leg exercise. The ankle weight is a great way to add just a bit more resistance. To perform this, just take a step forward, allowing your knee to form a 90-degree angle. Be sure your knee doesn’t go beyond your toes. If it does, you need to take a bigger stride, and “sit down” a bit into the lunge. Alternate legs for 12-15 reps.

If you’re just starting, holding the pose for a couple of seconds might be a bit hard, so go slowly, and if it’s too difficult to hold the pose, just do a solid motion. Another method is to do these ankle weight exercises for a certain amount of time. Here is a video that does a great job of showing some of these ankle weight exercises and more.

Ankle Weight Resistance Tips

Ankle weights are pretty light and it may seem that you can use them all day long. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when using ankle weight.

  1. The primary purpose of ankle weights is not to wear them around for long periods. The mechanics of the human body aren’t to have an extra few pounds around your foot. If you want to have the benefit of having extra weight while you walk or run, use a running vest.
  2. Start with lighter weights. I know that a pound or two doesn’t seem like much, but after doing a few several reps of several exercises, it can really add up. As you become stronger you can add the weight, but start slowly. A lot of the aforementioned ankle weights are designed to slowly add weight to them.
  3. Use gravity to your benefit. The ankle weights are obviously around your ankle, so the farther your foot is out from your core, the more you’ll be working. For example, doing some of the ankle weight workouts with a bent knee might be good, instead of having your leg fully extended. As you get stronger, you can extend the ankle out further. This will target the glutes even more.
  4. If you’re on all fours doing one of the aforementioned workouts, make sure you’re keeping your lower back straight and stiff. If you’re struggling to kick your leg up, and you end up dipping your lower back. At this point, it becomes more of a glutes and back exercise and you want to avoid this if you’re focusing on your glutes.
  5. You don’t have to wear the ankle weights on your ankle. If you’re just starting out you can wrap them just above your knee. This can prevent your calf muscles and your hamstrings from engaging, which again takes the resistance off your glutes. The goal for sculpted glutes is to be working the glutes and not the surrounding muscles.

Are Ankle Weights Safe?

Yes, ankle weights are safe. They’ve been around for decades and fitness enthusiast like myself have benefited from them for years. If used improperly or for long periods of time, ankle weight can irritate the joints.

Be sure to only use the ankle weights as instructed. If you’re looking to burn extra calories while walking, instead of adding ankle weights, try hiking up an incline or at a brisker pace.

FAQ of Ankle Weights for Toning

What is the best weight for ankle weights?

This will depend on your current level of fitness. If you’re just starting, the best weight for ankle weights will just be a pound or two.

Is it good to wear ankle weights around the house?

Ankle weights are similar to any weight resistance. Start with light weight and only for a limited amount of time. As you get stronger you can increase the weight and the duration of wearing them.

Do ankle weights tone your legs?

Wearing ankle weights will help to burn calories. If you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming, your body will become more toned, including your legs.

Are ankle weights worth it?

Ankle weights come in a variety of features and they range in affordability. If they are accessible and used often, you really get a great return on your investment.

Conclusion of Ankle Weights for Glutes

Ankle weights can be used at the gym, at home during workouts, or just around the house. While they are not typically used for running and walking as long as you are paying attention to your body, using an appropriate weight, and don’t experience any soreness or pain, they are very versatile.

Ankle weights can level up just about any lower body exercise. If you’re just starting, be sure to use lighter weights. Bodyweight exercises (Bodyweight Burn Review) and gravity resistance come first and then add the ankle weights. They can help burn calories and put muscle in all the right places!

How do you use your ankle weights? Leave a comment below.

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