Top 5 Compression Leggings For Lymphedema – Stylish & Effective

Your legs are vital portions of your body because they always take you wherever you want to go. However, they are also susceptible to various health conditions that affect their mobility. One such chronic condition is lymphedema. Plus size compression leggings for lymphedema can help.

The best compression leggings for plus size are the Absolute Support leggings. They have a 5x size available, they’re comfortable, affordable, can help prevent the painful fluid buildup, and can look great with a variety of tops. Current users rank them 4.1 out of 5 stars with close to 2,000 reviews (at the time of posting).

Here’s a quick table of what’s below.

BrandBioflectCzSalusAbsolute SupportCompression ZOdodos
Compression Rating12 -17 mmHg25-30 mmHg20-30mmHgN/A15-20 mmHg

What Is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is caused when the lymph system of the body does not function smoothly. Blockages in the lymph nodes may cause retention of fluids in the tissues of the legs and that is when the painful lymphedema rears its ugly head.

In this post, it’s our goal to discuss plus size compression leggings for lymphedema that will not only fit you but look great as well.

According to “Lymphedema refers to swelling that generally occurs in one of your arms or legs. Sometimes both arms or both legs swell.

Lymphedema is most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to your lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatment. It results from a blockage in your lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system. The blockage prevents lymph fluid from draining well, and the fluid buildup leads to swelling.”

While lymphedema feels like you should sit at home all day with your legs elevated to prevent fluid buildup, there are compression leggings that can help.

Benefits of Compression Leggings

If you catch lymphedema early enough you can greatly slow down or reverse the symptoms associated with lymphedema.

Here are some benefits of using compression leggings in conjuction with medical grade stockings.

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite – fluid buildup and cellulite are two different things and compression leggings can help.
  • Reduces fluid buildup – compression leggings can help prevent fluid buildup.
  • Minimize aches and pains – lymphedema is often associated with aches and pains, but by preventing fluid buildup, you can reduce these pains.
  • More maneuverability– less swelling helps with flexibility and maneuverability.
  • Improve recovery time from injuries, muscle pulls and strains, and workouts.
  • Reduce chafing and skin injuries from rubbing and impacts.

If you are dealing with lymphedema, you might constantly have swelling in your legs, a tingling feeling, pain, discomfort, restricted motion, and even skin infections.

Fortunately, you can use compression therapy to ease the pain. Compression therapy could be of different types, but one of the easiest ways to go for it is to use plus size compression leggings for lymphedema.

These leggings improve blood circulation and provide relief to aching legs. They are also comfortable, snug, and could be paired with anything, so the style is never an issue. But how do you choose the good quality ones among a plethora of options?

So no matter if you’re looking for a pair to use during your fitness routine (How To Get Fit At Home Without Equipment), or just looking to help with symptoms I’ve got you covered.

Here Are The Top 5 Compression Leggings For Lymphedema


1) Bioflect FAR Infrared Therapy Micromassage Compression Legging

Features: Specifically designed using fabric that is woven with minerals, these leggings are great for providing lymphatic drainage to help ease the pain from lymphedema.

The micro-massage options improve circulation and boost the energy levels in your legs. They are suitable for any size of legs as the fabric molds seamlessly with the shape of the lower half of your body. Even if your swelling is too bad, these plus size compression leggings for lymphedema will adjust accordingly and you should have no problems with heaviness or tightness. Additionally, the design goes up to the upper waist, hence, issues with lymphedema in the trunk region could also be corrected.

Benefits: Significant increase in stamina, energy, and mobility in the legs could be noticed after wearing these leggings for a few days. The lymph fluid begins to move around easily with the help of these leggings and other body parts begin to function better as well. Additionally, these plus-size leggings for lymphedema are opaque and hence could be easily paired with a t-shirt or a long top. Of course, you could wear them underneath a pair of jeans as well. They are stretchy, too, making them great wear for workouts. They could keep you warm under layers during winters without any fear of heat flashes.


2) CzSalus Flat Knit Lipedema Lymphedema, POTS Support High Compression Leggings

Features: These leggings provide a high degree of compression, about 25 to 30 mmHg (K2), and hence are recommended as an upgrade after using the brand’s lower compression of 15 – 18 mmHg (K1) leggings.

Made of a combination of polyamide and elastane, these leggings offer good breathability for your legs. The wave structure of the fabric helps with lymphedema pain and the passive massage system enables drainage of the lymph fluid. The leggings go up to the upper waist for lumbar support and down below they cover more than half of your feet. So, it’s more than your legs that get help from wearing these leggings.

Benefits: Wearing these high compression leggings could boost up the energy levels in the legs and might also prevent nausea in some people. They are easy to wash and dry as they hold up well in low tumbler settings. They could be paired with mini-skirts and boots to give your legs that chic look you have always missed out on ever since being diagnosed with lymphedema. Finally, they are made of thick material and hence keep your legs warm even in extremely cold climes.

Absolute Support (Editor’s Choice)

3) Absolute Support Opaque Graduated Compression Leggings

Features: The most unique feature of these plus size compression leggings for lymphedema is the graduated compression support they provide, hence the name.

The compression level is the highest around the ankles and gradually reduces as you go up the legs. This ensures smoother blood flow and a cozy feeling instead of being suffocated with the pressure. Made with nylon and spandex, these leggings look more like tights and their open-foot design allows you to pair them with any kind of shoes or sandals. Apart from lymphedema, these could also help prevent thrombosis for patients on bed rest or those who do not walk too often.

Benefits: These are a great pair of compression leggings to own if you are looking for quality support for your swollen legs at an affordable price. Sleep in them or wear them outside, these leggings have you covered from pain and discomfort all day. As they are made of a lighter material and do not cover the feet, they are great for those who live in warmer weather conditions. Pair them with short skirts and a trendy top and flaunt your look along with feeling great from within.

Compression Z (Budget-Friendly)

4) Compression Z High Waisted Women’s Leggings

Features: These are more of fitness leggings, designed with the runner in the mind. They are stretchable in four ways, providing maximum flexibility during any kind of workout, be it yoga, cycling, running, or aerobics.

The compression component in these leggings ensures there is proper blood circulation in your legs during and after a workout, thus enabling you to exercise more often without any fear of injury. It is all about improving your endurance levels. If you are suffering from lymphedema and feel beaten by the pain in your legs, but wish to exercise regularly, too, these plus size compression leggings for lymphedema might help you.

Benefits: With their ability to stretch so much, these workout leggings provide high levels of comfort anytime you wear them. Women with thicker legs also need not worry as the stretch from the material will perfectly hold the legs in and keep them under a comfortable degree of compression. Pair them up with any kind of t-shirt and you are good to go in these opaque leggings, available in various colors and designs. If you have lymphedema and are worried about spending a fortune on medical-grade compression pants, you might want to try these compression leggings for lymphedema first as they help with blood circulation in your legs at a much lower price.

Ododos (Most Popular)

5) ODODOS Out Pocket High Waist Yoga Pants

Features: Made of breathable and stretchable fabric, these leggings, although presented a ‘yoga pants’, could be used for other workouts or even for casual, everyday wear.

These have a flat-lock seam design, which means you have greater flexibility in moving your legs around when wearing them. As mobility becomes a hurdle when you are dealing with a chronic condition like lymphedema, these pants could help alleviate some of the pain by allowing you to move more freely. The high-waist design ensures your trunk is supported as well.

Benefits: These pants are neither too tight nor too loose and provide the right amount of compression. The best feature of these leggings is that they have huge side pockets. This means you could carry your phone whenever you wear them, without having to worry about the weight of the phone unnecessarily stretching the pants. This feature also makes it easy to wear them just by themselves by pairing with a cozy t-shirt. The material is soft and provides some warmth in cooler temperatures, too.

6) If none of the above compression leggings fits your style, please check out My Lala Leggings for additional inventory. They have an extensive variety to choose from!

What’s the Difference Between Yoga Pants and Compression Leggings?

While the difference is subtle, there is a medical or athletic difference. Yoga pants do not provide the “graduated” compression that gives wearers those benefits of increased circulation. Essentially, you can wear compression tights instead of yoga pants to get the many benefits of compression and still have the freedom of movement needed for yoga.

Compression gear migrated from medical to athletics due to the fact that one of the main benefits of compression gear is the increased circulation. Compression gear can reduce the possibility of soreness and swelling through the higher circulation rate. The reduction of recovery time is important to athletes, along with the overall performance-enhancing traits.

Is it Safe to Wear Compression Socks All Day?

Some people wear compression socks for medical reasons, such as lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency. You can wear compression socks all day, every day. They’re intended to be worn for long periods of time—whether you’re working a night shift, traveling around the world in an airplane, or sitting at a desk all day. Just be sure to remove your compression socks when you’re ready to sleep! 

Conclusion On The Right Compression Leggings

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right pair of compression leggings. You have to consider whether they have medical-grade fabric, the right degree of compression, are easy to care for, and of course, are affordable. Besides, as your legs are swollen most of the time with lymphedema, it is essential to buy the right size of leggings as well. With the top 5 items in this category reviewed above, it should be a little easier for you to shop the right one now.

Fortunately, there is always at least one brand that fits all your criteria and you could go for it after making an informed decision. The right compression leggings could go a long way in reducing the pain and discomfort in your legs that you have been struggling with.

What brand is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

FAQ of Compression Leggings

Can lymphedema go away?

Early on-set lymphedema can be reversed as there isn’t any irreversible damage yet.

What foods should I avoid for lymphedema?

Foods that are high in sugar, refined carbohydrates like white bread, and modified fats. Foods high in salt, and highly processed foods also seem to increase lymphedema.

How do I treat lymphedema?

Regular moderate exercise is a good start. Massages and wrapping the affected body part can also discourage fluid buildup. Compression garments like the items above can also provide temporary relief.

What are the best exercises for lymphedema?

If you’re just starting out, a slow walk is a good start. As time goes on, you can increase your distance and up your speed a bit. Yoga, Tai chi, pilates, cycling and swimming are also advised.

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