Is Boombod Legit? An Honest Review

As you are well aware, the marketplace is filled with weight loss supplements, pills, powders, and other magical aids to help us lose weight. A popular weight loss supplement that is getting a lot of attention right now is Boombod. The company is getting celebrities and influencers involved in their marketing campaign to help promote the product.

The endorsements all seem to say the product works, but you have to remember these are paid endorsements. This leads to the question, is Boombod legit?

Well, the answer to is boombod legit, is yes and no. Yes, Boombod is legit because it’s not filled with inactive ingredients, but utilizes fiber which is known for keeping you feeling full and satiated, which in turn leads to fewer calories being consumed.

And no, because the box claims there are no laxatives. However, once you read the ingredients, it lists magnesium citrate. According to WebMD, magnesium citrate is definitely in the laxative category.

I don’t know how companies are allowed to advertise things like this, and is one of the big reasons, I don’t trust weight loss supplements companies. I realize, they’re not regulated by FDA, but this seems to be a false advertising problem. And honestly, I don’t have anything against laxatives, I think it’s good to clean out your bowels. But when there is misleading information like this, it upsets me.

Anyway, not that I’m done with that rant, I hope to provide you some information so that you can make a smart decision, on whether to give them a try or not.


Boombod can be an extremely effective, fast-acting, and healthy weight loss supplement. The popular shot drink helps countless individuals around the world maintain or reduce weight to a more desirable level.

It has a few advantages over other products in the same category. You will find that the supplement is tasty (has several flavor selection), versatile (suitable for vegetarians and is gluten-free), and induces weight loss (through the elimination of hunger pangs or food cravings).

How Does Boombod Work?

For some, exercises are numbing, and more often than once, you will see and hear people complaining of wasted efforts if trying to lose weight. The muscle pain and fatigue from the routine are discouraging. To make the situation much worse, you can become hungry, experience bloating, crave those protein bars, a huge bag of chips, or whatever you may gorge on. These add more calories, and weight loss becomes a mote point.

Not knowing how to deal with hunger is the major reason why weight loss efforts go to waste. Boombod helps you manage your appetite intending to control the amount of food, and in extension, calories you ingest. You do not have to experience strict dieting or workout routines. With a daily dose of the Boombod shot drink in the morning, through lunch and dinner, you will gradually and effectively lose weight fast.

Everyone is looking for an efficient way to manage their hunger as a way of ensuring weight loss. If you have tried all the other avenues and find them lacking, Boombod has all the working supplement characteristics. You no longer have to struggle with your cravings; a single shot drink dose will have you feeling full.

Boombod Supplements

So What Is Boombod?

This product’s manufacturers describe it as a clinically proven, tasty, and simple means of weight loss without having to battle continuous hunger. Weight loss participants describe it as the best appetite suppressant, weight loss inducer over a short period, and most energizing supplement on the market. So what is this supplement?

Boombod is a product that offers a way of managing or reducing your weight. The product comes in a package for a 7 day shot drink dose. One container has 21 small sachets in different colors, one for the morning, lunchtime, and evening. Each provides other nutrients but have one common ingredient that aid in weight loss (Glucomannan).

Pick any of the available flavors, including lemon-lime, blackberry, orange mango, or blackcurrant, when purchasing for your 14 or 28 days shot drink and weight loss cycle. Boombod effectively saves you from hunger by inducing a feeling of satiety and offering enough energy to face the day or night. If you find it hard to keep your hands off snacks or dieting is becoming somewhat an issue, Boombod will work for you.

Plenty of customers are using and have tried Boombod and while some results may vary, some find the supplement effective. Here’s a consumer’s experience with Boombod.

What Is Boombod’s Main Ingredient

The main ingredient is Glucomannan.

The ingredient contained in a single dose amounts to around 3g. Every weight loss research indicates that it is the least amount of fiber needed to induce satiety. It may also slow the absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the gut, helping to control sugar levels in diabetes, and reducing cholesterol levels. The popular ingredient is available in many other supplements, but Boombod delivers the exact amount you need.

Glucomannan works by absorbing water and any other fluid expanding and feeling any space in your stomach. In turn, you feel full with no room to add any snack or engage your cravings. For those worried about losing energy, you need to accomplish your daily tasks, the package delivers ten calories. The combination allows you to burn body fat leading to weight loss and the body gets more energy.

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Is Boombod Safe?

The product provides other nutritional needs that go down once you start taking fewer meals after commencing on the Boombod 7-day weight loss program. The supplement considers your health and packs the shot drink with ample vitamins and minerals to push you through the period. Every dose has specific vitamins and minerals essential for that time of the day.

For instance:
Morning energizer, the name given to the morning Boombod shot drink, has the following minerals and vitamins:
• Iron
• Magnesium
• Fiber
• Vitamin C
These provide energy and jumpstart the day for you.

Afternoon motivator makes up the afternoon or mid-day dose. Since weight loss can tamper with your mood and cause fatigue, the midday dose deals with re-energization to eliminate fatigue. The mineral and vitamin content includes:
• Zinc
• Vitamin B12
• Vitamin B6
• Vitamin B1

In the night, the body needs to detoxify and rest. Therefore, Boombod’s night rejuvenator contains powerful antioxidants (selenium), Vitamin D3 also got from exposure to the sun, and Biotin. Weight loss affects the skin, your hair, and overall body physique. Biotin aids in maintaining your external skin appearance.

Boombod is Versatile

First, the shot drink supplement works for both men and women in aiding weight loss. There are no major side effects to using this supplement due to gender, making it a perfect choice for many individuals. If you are not sure what you want, seek medical or professional advice on the supplement before taking it.

Second, vegetarians can use the supplement, and individuals allergic to gluten have a way out with a Boombod 7-day shot drink. Also, the supplement is sugar-free, which is a healthy start for many.

Lastly, there is no danger of feeling hungry and engaging in destructive eating behavior. The ingredients in the hot drink will have you feeling fuller all the time.

Conclusion of Boombod Weight Loss Shots

Boombod is definitely a weight loss supplement that you can keep handy but it’s not the first one I would reach for. The feeling of fullness is more of a result of feeling bloated, most likely because of the magnesium citrate. I don’t want to feel full, because I feel bloated, but would rather feel satiated via healthy foods full of fiber.

Yes, it does contain a bit of fiber, but I’m not sure if there’s enough to help you feel full between meals. Also, the taste is less than desirable. This will differ from person to person, but I find them to be pretty bad. Others might like them, but they’re not for me.

If you want to give them a try yourself, you can click here to Get Yours Today!

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