15 Gym Etiquette Tips For Beginners: Don’t Miss These

Gym etiquette for beginners. What not to do at the gym.

Hello beautiful ladies!

In the fitness world, I hear a lot of complaints about other people in the gym. The gym can be a crowded, intimidating place if you’re new. So I’m here to help you navigate, what to do and what not to do. Follow these tips and you’ll be a gym etiquette pro in no time.

I really don’t want this to turn into a negative Nancy post, so I hope this is used more like words of wisdom from somebody that’s in the trenches of the gym.

I’ll do my best to put as much humor into it as possible, but if you’ve ever talked to somebody about their gyms, you know that there are some pet peeves with people.

So here is a list of things to either avoid, stop doing, or be aware of as you’re navigating the gym. The first one is probably the most important in my book, but the rest after that are in no particular order.

Proper Gym Etiquette to Follow

  • Wipe down your equipment – I can handle most bad etiquette at the gym because some people just don’t know better, or whatever, but this one is numero uno on my list. People sweat at the gym and that’s okay, but walking up to machinery and seeing someone else’s sweat is probably the grossest thing you’ll encounter on the gym floor. I don’t even want to expand much on this one because it should be obvious. So if you sweat it out, grab cleaning supplies and make it clean for the next person.
  • Bring a towel – this kind of goes with the first one, but most gyms have spray bottles and towels to wipe down equipment. I personally would just rather lay down on my own towel. Enough said.
  • Put your weights back – the entire point of going to the gym is to exercise. Re-racking your weights should be included in this process. When people leave weights on the machines/bars, it’s difficult to tell if someone is still using it (and maybe just stepped away for a second), or if they’re done.
  • Keep the perfume to a minimum – I get it, we don’t want to stink, but we do want to breathe. Some people can react pretty badly to perfume. If you put deodorant on that day, I’m sure you’ll be fine.
  • Minimum phone usage – yes, sometimes you need to take a call. It’s best to keep it quick. Besides, it’s usually pretty loud in a gym anyway, and you won’t be able to hear very well.
  • Music at an appropriate level – I hardly exercise without music or podcast anymore. I also try to keep the volume at a level so that I can hear somebody if they’re trying to ask me something. I know we use music to keep people at bay and to signal we don’t want to talk, but at a certain point, it can become unsafe.
  • No big bags – use the locker rooms (assuming they have some). Big bags on the floor are a tripping hazard and it’s just best to keep your belongings in the locker room.
  • Using a bench as a closet – the equipment is a precious commodity. Besides a towel and maybe a water bottle, you shouldn’t really need anything else. The benches and machines are to be used for exercise not as storage space.
  • Using multiple dumbbells – I don’t see this much with women, but if you’re taking the 10’s, 15’s, and 20’s (or anything similar) you don’t leave much for the others. The gym is a shared space and shared equipment. Just like mom and dad taught us, share with others.
  • Focus on you – again I don’t see this much with women, but people can be self-conscious enough as it is. If people are staring, gawking, snickering, or other, it makes for a bad atmosphere. Focus on yourself and let others be.
  • Gym awareness – this one is probably just because I live and breathe the gym. But be aware of your surroundings. Don’t stretch in a heavily used area. Don’t stand where people are walking a lot, and just be courteous of other people’s spaces.
  • Spacing on treadmills – this is very much an unwritten rule and only really applies when the gym is slow. If someone is using a treadmill (or any similar machine) and there are plenty to pick from, don’t pick one right next to the person on the treadmill. A little space is always appreciated.
  • Keep advice to a minimum – if you’re seriously concerned someone is going to injure themselves, grab a trainer, and inform them.
  • Wash your hands – gyms tend to have a lot of germs. I highly recommend you wash your hands before entering the gym floor and immediately after you’re done. If we all follow this, the gym will be much more germ-free, and that helps everyone.
  • Wear appropriate clothing – working on form and technique is important. If you need to see a little skin to confirm you’re targeting the intended muscles, I understand. It’s a gym, not a singles club.

Conclusion of Gym Etiquette

Sometimes we’re just trying to get a workout in after a long day. Do your best to make the gym a fun environment to be in. It should be a great place to focus on achieving your goals, see some fellow gym-goers and letting the brain rest. We all pick up on vibes and it sucks when you’re around others that are frustrated or angry about something at the gym. Let’s do our best to make the gym a fun environment.

Also, if I missed something that really gets you frustrated about the gym, comment below.

What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym? Leave a comment below.

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