My First Blog

Hello, all. I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I like reading up on fitness and health.

The Toned Woman site is all about educating and informing those who are looking to start or continue a life of health and fitness.

I hope to provide tips and information on how bodyweight exercises can and will give you the body you want.

One of my favorite things about bodyweight exercises is that you save on gym membership monthly fees. Additionally, one-on-one trainers can be incredibly expensive. I want to show women that you can do this on your own and don’t need to pay inflated prices for trainer sessions.

The time saved on not having to travel to and from the gym can be the difference between getting a good workout in and not. Depending on where you live and traffic, commuting to the gym can eat what little precious time you have available for yourself.

The at-home workouts that I hope to inspire you to do, can be done at home, on the go, in a hotel room, or anywhere.

Finally, while a lot of the workouts can be done just using your bodyweight, eventually you’ll want to add a little bit of resistance. I’m not talking carrying around dumbbells and heavy plates, but things like resistance bands, jump ropes, and small weights will prove beneficial once you’ve achieved a certain amount of strength.

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