Quotes About Being Healthy and Active

I love reading quotes! There’s something about a good quote that can stick with you. I’ve noticed that people usually have a favorite quote too. Like a favorite movie, song, book, or whatever, if you ask someone what their favorite quote is, they usually can recite one.

So what is it about a quote that makes us so drawn towards them? I decided to do a little bit of research and see what the answer is.

And in the end, I’ll share some of my favorite quotes about being happy, healthy, and active.

Why We Love Quotes

According to the research, I performed there are a few things that make quotes stick with us:

  • Almost all of us look up to somebody. We have mentors, teachers, idols, and spiritual guides to name a few. When these people wordsmith something that resonates with us, it can stick because someone we look up to said it. If they said it, and we aspire to be like them or seek guidance from them, it carries weight with us. This doesn’t speak to all quotes, as some are unknown, but this is only one of the reasons they do stick with us.
  • Others say that between keen insight and wordsmithing, the effectiveness can increase. There can be many ways to state a thought, phrase, expression, but when crafted eloquently, and intently, it impacts fully. The way an idea is expressed can contribute to its merit.
  • It seems we have an innate desire to succeed. Again, depending on who we look up to and our own goals, those that have achieved a level of success that we too strive for, have the knowledge that we need. World-class athletes, entrepreneurs, role-models, musicians, actors…if they lived by a quote, and they are now in a position of success, you’re more likely to adhere to that message too.
  • Finally, and I found this one to be the most interesting. They affirm what we already know. Meaning, quotes are not new messages or secrets really, but definitions of what we want to be, or at least who we want to be. There are thousands of quotes, but quotes are usually put into categories. Like tribalism, they can give us a sense of identity. I, for example, love health and fitness, so quotes that stick with me are usually related to this industry. Quotes about flowers, likely will not…not that there’s anything wrong with flowers. It’s just not my thing.

Without further adieu, here are some quotes about being happy, healthy, and active. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  1. The will to succeed is powerful. Doing what it takes isn’t a cliche, it’s the key to success.
Quotes about being healthy and active.

2. Life can be tough.

Quotes about being happy and healthy.

3. Happiness is the responsibility of one person, you.

Quotes about being happy with yourself.

4. The power comes from within.

Quotes about power.

5. You won’t win if you play it safe every time.

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life, tiptoe if you must, but take the step.”

6. The world thought a 4-minute mile was impossible at one point too…

Quotes about fitness and health.

7. Don’t just contribute, commit!

Quotes about motivation.

8. Find your fuel!

Quotes about challenges.

9. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

10. What is it about friends. They don’t cost a thing and they make the world go round!

Quotes about friends.

Conclusion of Quotes

I hope you find these quotes inspirational and provide you the power to live your best life. I’m certain that we all get knocked down in life, and you just have to keep getting back up.

Best wishes!

What’s your favorite quote? Leave a comment below.

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