Best Women’s Running Shorts With Zipper Pockets

The best women's running shorts with zipper pockets.

Is there anything more frustrating than going out for a run (5 Reasons Why A Morning Run Is In Your Best Interest) or working out at the gym and having all of your important belongings falling out of your pocket? When I’m exercising, I find it much easier to have a zipper pocket to keep things like your phone, keys, and other items that you might need, safe and far from being lost.

Another big reason I use these shorts is I’m a music girl. If I’m running (or whatever exercise I’m doing that day) through the neighborhood or on the treadmill I like to listen to podcasts or music. It makes the time fly by, and I find it helps motivate me. Zipper pockets give me that option, without fear of losing my headphones or music.

I’ve tried the sleeves you can put your phone into, but the bands are never quite right. The velcro straps are either too tight and cut off the circulation in my arms, or it’s too loose and the sleeve is constantly sliding around.

If I’m just using shorts with pockets I feel like the phone bounces around too much and is just moments from flying out of my pocket and breaking. You can do it, but I have way more peace of mind knowing a zipper is keeping my stuff in my pockets.

Do you remember fanny packs? Again, it feels like stuff is bouncing around and on the verge of breaking or scratching the surface of my phone. They also seem to stretch out a bit over time, which doesn’t help.

Finding a decent pair of shorts that have a zipper pocket can seem like an endless task. If you are searching for women’s running shorts with zipper pockets, you are likely to come across a massive range of products, but which ones are the best? In this article, I hope to pick apart some of the most loved items I’ve used along with some I’m looking to add to my collection. Thus making your selection so much more simple.

Again, if you’ve read through some of the other posts, I usually stick to about 5 different options to choose from. If I provide too many options I feel like it can be overwhelming, and it might prevent you from making a decision. The goal here is to find a pair that will fit your needs and get to some workouts.

Top 5 Women’s Running Shorts With A Zipper

1) CRZ Yoga Running Shorts For Women – These reasonably priced shorts come in a selection of colors, so there is something to match every mood. However, looks are not everything, so what else do these shorts have to offer?


• Quick-drying material helps keep you dry whilst working out.
• Drawstring fastening for added comfort.
• The shorts have briefs built in to give extra support during your work out.
• For safety, the shorts feature a reflective strip.
• Zipper pocket at the back as well as an inside pocket, giving you plenty of room for safe storage of your essentials.

If all of these features weren’t enough, there have been some rave reviews on these shorts with one user saying that they are not only comfortable but also extremely flattering. Many users are claiming that these shorts are a more affordable version of a more expensive product and are just as good.

2) Athlarel Women’s Running Shorts – Coming in a range of four colors, these attractive looking shorts are excellent for working out. They feature a zipper pocket in the back of the waistband, but what else do these shorts have to offer?


• The shorts are specifically designed for more intense workouts such as weights and cardio. Giving maximum comfort and support during this type of training.
• Comfortable elastic waistband which feels amazing whilst exercising.
• Made from light fabric.
Completely breathable and keeps you dry.
• Mesh-lined for full coverage.

One review of these shorts claim that they ‘are the best’ and the user sees them as her new favorites, that must say something about the quality of this product. If that isn’t enough to convince you, almost everyone who has tried this product has stated that the shorts are comfortable, lightweight, and simply amazing.

3) R Gear Running And Workout Shorts – These shorts come in two colors, grey or black and, are slightly longer than the previous two pairs, making them ideal for those who want to cover up a little more during their workouts. Let’s take a look at what else we can expect from this product.


• Moisture management ensures that you are kept dry during exercise.
• Made from a super soft fabric for added comfort.
• Flatlock means that the shorts will not chafe or rub.
• Zipper pocket within the waistband, giving you the space you need to keep your essentials safe while working out.

The proof is in the pudding, so what do previous users of these shorts have to say? One review claims that the shorts are very comfortable and that they keep you dry, which is excellent. It would seem that they are a popular choice, with many wearers saying that they would definitely buy another pair.

4) X31 Running Skirt Shorts (Editor’s Choice) – If you are looking for something a little more unique then these shirt shorts will do the job. In a range of three flattering colors, the shorts feature a skirt as an added layer. But what else can we expect to get when purchasing this product?


• Made from a stretchy material that is comfortable as well as ideal for running.
• The inner mesh will assist you in staying dry and cool throughout your training.
• The shorts feature two pockets at either side and a back pocket with a zipper.
Designed to stay in place for added comfort when working out.

There are many great reviews on this product with people saying that the shorts are cute and comfortable, which is great to know, giving you peace of mind that these shorts are going to live up to their claims. Other reviewers have stated that the shorts fit well and that the sizing is spot on.

5) Stashbandz Running Belt/Shorts – This belt is a little different from the others I’ve listed and is great for either men or women and comes in a selection of stylish colors. Some have a good pair of shorts they love to workout in, but are looking for a practical belt to add to their shorts. Looking good is one thing, but performance is the most essential aspect, so how does this product measure up?


• Featuring four zipper pockets, the belt gives you the maximum amount of space for your belongings whilst exercising.
• Made from the best quality Spandex which will not slip while wearing and is extremely comfortable.
• The company offers a complete money-back guarantee, if they’re confident about their product then so should we be.
• The shorts are made in the USA and the company proudly announces their intricate workmanship and quality.
• Ideal not only for working out but also for traveling and day to day use.

Slightly different from the other products in this list, in the sense that the belt is worn over an existing pair of shorts, but what do people make of this belt, is it worth parting with your hard-earned cash for? In short, the answer to that question is a resounding yes! One user is claiming that the belt is discreet and very spacious, whilst another says that the belt is ‘fantastic.’

How Long Should Running Shorts Be?

A 5″ running short is ideal for both running and your workout sessions. These shorts fall at 4-6 inches above the knee (depending on your height).  A 5″ inch short for running has its perks and is the most preferred shorts by runners.  

These shorts are ideal to run effectively and comfortably. These keep you chafe-free and provide the muscle compression you need to turn a good run into a great one! Some of these shorts will have a zipper pocket in front or the back.

Each person will have a length that is comfortable for them, no matter if you’re running, walking, or just exercising.

Conclusion Of Women’s Shorts With Zipper Pockets

Attempting to work out without the aid of a zippered pocket can be a real pain, but there are some great women’s running shorts with zipper pockets that will ensure that the things you need to take with you are kept safe and secure. Not only this but these products will also provide you with extreme comfort and support whilst you take part in your training routine.

There is a whole host of this type of product available all over the internet and in stores, but this selection is the creme de la creme and will not leave you disappointed, no matter which one you choose.

FAQ on Running Shorts with Zippers

Why are women's running shorts so short?

They’re short to avoid restriction of movement. If you have shorts or material limiting your range of motion, it can hinder performance.

How important is comfort in women's running shorts?

If your running shorts are not comfortable, you’ll be deterred from running. They need to be comfortable otherwise human nature is to stop running. Find a pair that fits your natural body shape well.

What are the best running shorts made from?

Polyester and nylon are the top two materials. They are both breathable and moisture-wicking. This will help prevent overheating and prevent chafing.

How important is fit in running shorts?

If you find yourself constantly adjusting your shorts while your running or exercising, it’s a pretty good indication that they don’t fit well. Shorts that don’t fit well will hinder performance, make you lose focus, and most likely wear quickly. Be sure to take into account, the length, waist, and thigh measurements.

Do I need to worry about style or running shorts?

No. The comfort, fit, durability, and practicality should be your main concerns when selecting a pair of running shorts. The style should be the last thing you consider. That being said, if the style is what will prevent you from exercising, then it should be higher on your priority list.

What kind of running shorts do you like? Leave a comment below.

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