6 Best Spin Bikes For a Short Person

The best spin bike for a short rider is one that you will use consistently.

Spin bikes are a great way to get into a cardio routine. They’re a complete cardio and strength workout, as they are used to strengthen both your upper and your lower body, while also burning fat. They really are a full-body workout.

Unfortunately, for short people, getting access to the right-sized spin bike is challenging. This begs the question, what is the best spin bike for a short person?

This is especially true if you have a longer torso, short legs, and wish to work out in a gym that has a limited variety of spin bikes. Not all gyms have height-adjustable spin bikes, leaving you to either work without equipment or purchase one to use at home.

CliffsNotes Answer

The best indoor spin bike for a short person is the Maxkare stationary bike. It has everything you need including a seat that will adjust down to a level that will fit your height, along with handlebars that will adust forward and backward to ensure the handlebars are appropriate for your size.

For a quicklist of the best spin bikes for a short rider, here you go:

BrandYosudaCyclaceSunny HealthPyhighMaxKarePooboo
Flywheel Weight35 lbs36 lbs3.3 lbs35 lbs44 lbs35 lbs.
Max Weight Capacity270 lbs330 lbs300 lbs280 lbs264 lbs330lbs
Height CapabilitiesInseam 25″-35″Inseam 28″-39″Inseam 25″-30″Inseam 25″-38.5″4’11”-6’3″N/A

Quick List of Exercise Bikes for Short Legs

  • Yosuda Bike – tells how many calories you’ve burned
  • Cyclace Bike – suitable for the entire family
  • Sunny Health Bike – can accommodate riders with inseam as low as 25″
  • Pyhigh Bike – features a 4-way adjustable seat
  • MaxKare Bike – can accommodate riders at heights of 4’11” or taller
  • PooBoo – fully adjustable seat and handlebars fit all sizes

Even when you plan to buy a spin bike to work out at home, you have to be mindful of its features as it should be easy-to-use. So, how do you choose the best spin bike for a short person to use at home?

If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know that I try to stick to about 6 suggestions. This prevents getting too many options and it can become overwhelming. You’ll also notice that I don’t include any recumbent bikes on this list.

I feel like recumbent bikes serve a different person. Someone using a spin bike is looking for a little more of a workout and might even be using them in the winter when they can’t get out on their road bikes. Recumbent bikes are great, but I find it hard to burn as many calories and work the legs compared to a traditional spin bike. Anyway, this isn’t a recumbent vs spin bike (though let me know if you would like that information in the comments below) comparison.

So without further adieu, here is a review of the top 5 spin bikes, which may help you in your purchase decision.

Top 6 Spin Bikes For Short People

Yosuda Bike

1) YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – The Yosuda indoor cycling bicycle is a smooth, durable, and easy to maintain bike designed to enable cyclists to push their limits. The sturdy steel frame and ultra-quiet belt drive are just a couple of the features that you can customize.

• This indoor bike from YOSUDA boasts of an adjustable handlebar, which you can move up and down to get the maximum comfort for your arms.
• It further has a 4-way adjustable seat, which could be moved up, down, front, and back. This allows the inside height to be adjusted between 25 inches and 35 inches.
• The 35-pound flywheel, along with an adjustable infinite resistance gives you the feeling of riding a real bike down the road.

• The adjustable seat makes it a valuable purchase for a short person, but not just that, if yours is a family that has people of all heights, you do not need to get separate bikes. Anyone can use it irrespective of their size.
• The bike is easy to assemble and takes less than an hour to do so. Also, its display monitor tells you how many calories you have burned.
• Thanks to its flywheels, it could be easily moved around. So, if you decide to change your gym room, go right ahead and move the bike.

Cyclace Bike

2) Cyclace Stationary Bike Stationary –  This Cyclace indoor cycling bike is a comfortable, solid, smooth and quiet spin bike with 36 pounds flywheel, a belt-driven system, and can support up to 330 pounds.

• Specifically designed with flexible features, this spin bike sports 8 adjustable positions for its seat bracket, which supports heights ranging from 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 5 inches.
• Has a 36-pound flywheel, with pure wool brake pads that ensure zero noise when you are on it.
• Contains several security settings that make sure you always maintain the minimum safety height of the handlebars while using the adjustable resistance feature.

• It is a sturdy bike that could be easily moved around using the flywheels, with the added benefit of having a digital readout for tracking your workout sessions.
• It’s not only easy to assemble (in as less as 10 minutes) but also comes with extra parts such as bolts and wheel tension so that you have replacements handy when the initial parts wear out.
• Due to its adjustable seat and handlebar settings, it is suitable for the entire family to work out. The seat cushion provides the necessary comfort at every height.

Sunny Health

3) Sunny Health Indoor Foldable Stationary Bike – Sunny Health is a reputable manufacturer of home fitness equipment. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable indoor foldable cycle, this is it. It’s lightweight and compact and is designed for maximum comfort. This is one of the best exercise bikes for short legs and it could fit your budget.

• This indoor bike comes with a versatile seat that could be adjusted for any height down to a 25-inch inseam.
• It boasts of an adjustable magnetic resistance that could simulate several different terrains, emulating an outdoor bike-ride.
• It has a digital monitor to track your time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, and pulse rate.

• The height adjustment for the seat is a standout feature. You could be comfortably seated even at the lowest height setting.
• The bike is easy to assemble with the bolts and the pieces are already placed where they should belong. Get it up and running in just a few minutes.
• It is a quiet bike that does not take up the entire room. Place it in any corner, making it great for those who live in smaller apartments.
• The display monitor placed on its soft handlebars allows easy tracking of your workout sessions.

Pyhigh Bike

4) PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Belt Drive Exercise Bike – Pyhigh has listened to customers complain about uncomfortable seats, the seat post not being long enough, handlebars that shake, belt rubs, noisy spinning, etc…and have developed this bike to accommodate all the customers. And the users are loving it. Making it one of the most popular indoor bikes on the market.

• The bike offers a 4-way adjustable seat with an inseam height range between 25 inches and 38 inches. The handlebar is also 2-way adjustable and has an anti-skidding feature to provide better grip and comfort.
• A 35-pound flywheel is available for mimicking the on-road cycling experience, with the added assurance of felt pads for adjustable resistance.
• Its caged foot pedals not only ensure your feet do not slip during a workout but also let you change a pair of SPD pedals to clip in your spin shoes.

• The best part of this bike is that it sports several adjustable features. From the seats to the handlebars to the horizontal coverage, you can set the features as per your requirements.
• Assembling the bike is easy as the main parts come pre-assembled and all you need to do is attach the pedals, the seat, and the handlebar. The display monitor is built into the bike, too.
• The bike has a small footprint, so you could easily use it anywhere and store it, when space is limited.

MaxKare Bike (Editor’s Choice)

5) MaxKare Stationary Bike Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike – If you’re looking to give up on the gym or just don’t want to pay the membership fees, this MaxKare could be the indoor cycle you’re looking for. It offers an assortment of adjustable features making it my #1 recommendation. Between comfort, convenience, and usefulness, you’ll be happy with MaxKare.

• Its height adjustment features have a wide range and could easily accommodate people as short as 4 feet 11 inches. The handlebar could be adjusted from 0 to 2.76 inches while the seat could be adjusted from 0 to 5.91 inches.
• The bike comes with transportation wheels to safely and easily tow it away when not in use.
• The ultra-quiet flywheel ensures your bike emits no sound even when you exercise vigorously while the adjustable resistance settings allow you to work out at different levels.

• Although it is a bit bulkier than some of the other spin bikes out there, the features are smooth and the height adjustments are easy to make. It could double up as a therapy bike as well.
• It comes semi pre-assembled, so setting it up is easier. Plus, its built-in LCD monitor ensures you keep track of your heart rate and other cardio metrics when working out.
• The sturdy bike is noise-free, so you could work out any time of the day, without worrying about waking the rest of your family, or worse, your neighbors.

Pooboo Indoor Exercise Bike

6) Pooboo Exercise BikeI love the soft seat on this one! It offers all of the necessities for an amazing cycling workout along with everything at-home fitness enthusiasts could wish for. The fully adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars offer a completely customizable experience for ultimate user comfort and compatibility. The heavy-duty steel frame and crank adds essential quality and durability to go the distance, no matter what your fitness goals. With nearly 6 inches of travel in the handlebars and another 6 inches in the seat, makes it one of the best exercise bikes for a short person. The quick stop mechanism is great for getting off quick and finishing your workout.


  • Flywheel – easy to install – easy to repair, no adjustment required, easy to reach height.
  • The ​digital monitor displays your, time, speed, distance, and calories to help you keep track of your progress.
  • Designed a resistance knob for easy adjustments. If you’ve ever used a bike that requires a bunch of spinning to make adjustments while you’re trying to pedal, you’ll appreciate this resistance knob.


  • The multiple seat and handlebar adjustments make it a great bike for people with short legs.
  • The micro turn adjustments prevent endless spinning before getting any resistance or loosening. I hate it when I have to spin the knob a bunch of times. This makes it quick.
  • The caged pedals prevent slippage. If you’ve ever had a pedal to the shins, you’ll appreciate this feature.

What To Look For In an Indoor Spin Bike

The best spin bike for a short person will be one that adjust vertically and horizontally. The best exercise bike for short legs will have multiple adjustments.

1) Obviously, you’ll need to find an exercise bike for short legs and that will accommodate your height. If this is your first spin bike and you don’t fit the normal size requirements per manufactures users, this will be the biggest feature you’ll need to look for. Consider your overall height and your inseam. Even if you tend to be on the shorter side, your leg length (if long enough) might open you up to a variety of indoor bikes.

2) You also want to look for handlebars that adjust. Just like the distance to the pedals, you must look at the distance between the handlebars and the seat. This is especially true for people with a shorter wingspan. If the handlebars are not adjustable, you may find yourself overcompensating with your back, by leaning forward. Leaning forward to will not only potentially lead to an uncomfortable ride, but it could also strain your body.

3) The seat adjustments are the next thing to be aware of. The back and forth is almost as important as the up and down. As mentioned above, being able to move the seat forward and backward will make the handlebar access much more conducive to your riding style.

4) Probably the last thing I would be conscious of is the handlebars themselves. A shorter person will most likely have slightly smaller hands, so you want the handlebars to accommodate this. It’s surprising how the size of the grips can impact your performance. An example might be going through monkey bars. If the bars are too big, your forearms strength gives way quickly and can ruin your performance.

What Is The Right Height

When you step into the spin bike your knee should only bend slightly, when the pedal is at its lowest point. The rule of thumb is the seat should be at your hip level.

By taking into consideration the aforementioned items, the spin bikes above should provide you with a great start.

Engaging Indoor Spin Bike Workouts

It’s no secret that a spin bike routine can get a bit boring. For some, spinning is a great time to meditate or put their mind at ease. For others, it can be a struggle to push through until the end. The good news, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a video that does a great job at getting you going, after you set up your new spinning bike. Take a look!

Which Exercise is Better a Spin Bike or a Treadmill?

The best way to decide on this is to picture professional runners and bikers. The marathon runners tend to be very lean, they carry a bit less muscle in their bodies, and they can run for days.

A professional biker tends to have significantly larger leg muscles. They too have extremely good cardio endurance and can bike up and down all day long. So, if muscle is relevant, then an indoor spin bike might be more beneficial. If you’re looking to run a marathon, a treadmill will fit you better.

Indoor Spin Bike vs Cycle Trainer

You may have heard of these two terms and wondered what exactly the difference is between a spin bike and a cycle trainer. A spin bike is a separate bike that is used strictly for spinning. A cycling trainer is a piece of equipment that you attach to your actual bike.

They are equipment that attaches to the rear tire or rear dropouts of a real bike. These two types are called wheel-on and direct-drive trainers, respectively. These indoor trainers allow the cyclist to perform indoor training on his or her own bike.

If you’re a competitive biker, you could see how a cycle trainer might help with riding the actual bike that you would use in competitions. While a spin bike is a separate piece of equipment used for spinning classes and programs.

Conclusion of Spin Bikes for Short Riders

Your short stature should not stop you from being healthy. But what good is a year-long gym membership if you are not even able to use any of their equipment? For the same price or lower, you could bring home the right kind of spin bike that fits your height.

Spin classes at the gym can be fun, but not when you are forced to use a bike that doesn’t fit. Instead, you’re left with using a bike that doesn’t work for you, or you end up choosing a different workout. With an adjustable home exercise bike, you could now work out regularly and enjoy the multitude of benefits of spinning.

The variety of exercise bikes for short riders, at a reasonable price, are limited. Take your pick from the top 5 exercise bikes reviewed above and begin to enjoy good health for a long time.

Indoor Spin Bike Support

If you’re looking for additional information or training programs to help you get started or train for your next event click here for a variety of resources.

FAQ on Spin Bikes for Short Riders

What is the best spin bike for home use?

The best spin bike you can use at home will be one that fits your size, budget, and needs. Not everyone needs the same thing from a spin bike, so it’s best to look at several bikes on the market.

What is the best Peleton alternative spin bike?

Peleton has a fantastic spin bike, but it also has a lot of amenities you might not care about. There are plenty of alternatives available, and one of the more popular ones’ is Yosuda’s indoor cycling bike.

Is it better to have a heavier flywheel on a spin bike?

Heavier flywheels can recruit more leg muscles to get them going. As the wheel begins to spin, the inertia can cause some bad technique. It will depend on each rider.

Is it worth it to buy a spin bike?

A spin bike can be an excellent piece of home equipment. They are low maintenance, great for cardio, burn hundreds of calories and build toned legs.

How many calories will I burn on an indoor cycle?

You’ll burn about 500 calories per hour on a spin bike. This can increase or decrease based on effort.

What kind of spin bike do you use? Leave a comment below.

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