The Best Home Foot Spa Massager For Arthritis

After a long workout session, or even a casual stroll you may often find that your feet are feeling your age (How To Maintain Your Health Into Old Age). This is especially true after taking part in activities such as running or ones where you are on your feet for long periods of time. This can beg the question, what is the best home foot spa massager for arthritis?

Prolonged trauma to the foot can lead to conditions such as arthritis, although this is a condition that can develop naturally. The inflammation of the joints caused by this condition can cause extreme pain and it is difficult to function without some sort of relief.

The best home foot spa massager for arthritis will be one that is affordable, improves blood circulation, and reduces arthritic pain and numbness via either heating elements and/or massage tools. The Homedics foot spa checks all these boxes and is my recommended choice.

For those of you in a hurry and just want a quick list, here you go:

A home foot spa massager for arthritis might be just what you need to relax.

There are a wide variety of home foot spa massagers available on the market today. And this is a good thing. But first I want to discuss some benefits of foot spa massagers.

5 Benefits of Foot Spas Massagers

1) Can Reduce Stress – humans carry a lot of weight on their feet. Your feet are very sensitive and contain a large number of nerves. You can tell just how sensitive they are by rubbing your soles on your carpet, or over fine sand at the beach.

We don’t treat our feet as well as we should. Using proper-fitting shoes, and regular foot massages can do a great job of relieving stress. But the bottom line is, using a foot spa can relieve the tension accumulated in your feet, and this will lower your stress levels.

Additionally, reduced stress levels help people sleep. Some people like the white noise of the bubbles and machine humming. Others, just like the natural relaxation of the foot spas. Either way, improved sleep can be expected too.

2) Improved Blood Circulation – some of the foot spa machines have rollers that massage the bottoms of your feet, helping with circulation. If your feet ever feel numb or cold, a major cause is your blood circulation is inefficient.

Adding a simple massage oil is a common method for improving blood circulation. For those that don’t like the massage rollers, a foot spa with massage heads might suit your needs better, as this is more at your own pace and control.

3) Relieves Arthritic Pain – Foot spas are great at relieving tension in muscles and joints, so they’re very good for people who suffer from arthritic pain. For some people, the medication they use can only do so much. Non-medicinal treatment can be used in conjunction with your medicine to help further reduce or eliminate arthritis pain. A spa treatment in the morning to ease the pain is a great way to start your day, followed by a spa treatment in the evening to help you feel relaxed before going to bed.

4) Reduces Headaches – have you ever stubbed your toe or stepped on a lego? It hurts like hell. This is because of the high number of nerves in our feet. A simple massage can calm these nerves, leading to fewer headaches and migraines. With frequent usage of a foot spa, headaches, and migraines (best neck massagers for migraines) can become less frequent and less intense.

5) Detoxification Aid – using a foot spa on a regular basis can help rid your body of toxins. The liver and kidney are responsible for ridding your body of toxins, and a common method of excreating those toxins is through the pores in your feet.

It helps your body regulate the pH levels and strengthens your immune system. Some nutritionist says it will also help you get rid of acne and wrinkles, though I’m a little leary of this claim.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the home foot spa massager for arthritis which can relieve pain and ease discomfort. We have picked out five of the very best for you to consider.

There are plenty more to choose from, but I feel like 5 options are enough to get a feel for what is available without getting so many options you get overwhelmed.

The 5 Top Home Foot Spa Massagers


1) Anfan Foot Massager – With its futuristic design, this foot spa certainly looks the part but does it deliver where the features are concerned? Let’s take a look at what you can expect from this model.


• Heats up to relieve aching heels, toes, ankles, and the arches of the feet.
• Uses the concept of acupuncture to target different areas of the feet.
• Motorized roller to massage the feet.
• The temperature of the water is adjustable between 35 and 48 degrees Celsius.
• Efficient draining using the built-in tube.

The reviews of this product certainly say a lot about how good it is, one user says that this warm and cozy foot spa is great and would recommend it to anyone. Another user sings its praises by saying that “it was everything she was looking for and is fabulous.”


2) Foot Bath/Spa Massager With Bubbles, Heat, And Vibration – This reasonably priced foot spa comes with a great selection of features and is simple to use. But what are the key elements that make this product so good?


• The spa heats up quickly and effectively maintains the temperature whilst in use.
• The 16 manual foot rollers inside the spa can be removed if you do not require them.
• A digital display makes the spa easy and simple to operate.
• The spa features bubbles as well as vibration for a unique experience.
• Give protection to avoid overheating, making for a safe device.

It would seem that this massager offers some excellent features, but how has it been received by those who have used it? The answer is, very well, one user claims that “it is excellent value for money, while another says that it produces very powerful bubbles making it super effective.


3) Conair Pedicure Foot Spa – Treat your feet to a massage and spa experience at home as you comfort your feet in warm relaxation. Take good care of one of the hardest working parts of your body.


• Extremely durable and strong design.
• The foot spa promotes good circulation, further adding to the benefits.
• Features easy toe-touch use.

This is definitely a foot massager to be reckoned with and the reports coming back after using are nothing but excellent. One reviewer claims that the spa is not only easy to operate but also “works wonders!” Others have been saying that it is “simply great.”

Homedics (Editor’s Choice)

4) Premier Footbath Massager – This foot spa is very simple looking in its design but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot to give. Treat yourself to something special with the Premier Pedicure Foot Spa with Heat Boost Power from HoMedics®. Enjoy massaging vibration and effervescent bubbles that gently soothe and relax overworked feet. Raised nodes provide extra delight for the bottoms of your feet, while the heat boost feature warms cold water in just minutes and maintains temperature throughout your session!


• Pedicure center helps with the removal of dead and dry skin.
Digital control panel for easy-to-read temperature adjustment.
• Raised massaging floor nodes to make your tired feet feel great.
• Superfast heating means that you don’t have to wait around.

This foot massager has been extremely well received by many people with one person saying that it “delivers exactly what she needs to relieve her sore feet.” Another rave review states that the “spa is relaxing and very easy to use.”


5) All In One Foot Spa – This foot spa comes in an attractive design and is offered at a very reasonable price. But does cheap mean that it doesn’t deliver? Certainly not, the spa offers a great range of features, let’s take a look at these now.


• Oxygen bubbles gently massage sore feet.
• Added vibrations contribute to pain relief along with heated water.
• The heating process is quick and efficient and the spa maintains a consistent temperature throughout use.
• The spa features two-foot rollers.
• The materials used in manufacturing are extremely high quality and help to maintain protection from aging and heat.

This brilliant little foot spa is certainly a good buy, but don’t just take out word for it, the product has received some excellent reviews with one saying that it makes for “happy feet.” Another user has said that the massager is of top-notch quality, reassuring us that this is a great little budget option.

What To Look For In A Home Foot Spa Bath

Ease of Use

When you first get your foot spa, you’ll be using it a lot. But will you continue to use it frequently? If you plan on using the home foot spa throughout the week, you’ll want to find one that is easy to grasp, fill with water, and move around.

If you’re using it a handful of times a week, this will become crucial. If you’ll be using it sparingly, say after a long walk, then maybe a model without all the bells and whistles will fit your pocketbook better.

Pick Your Benefit

Does it need to be super quiet? Do you care if it hits a certain temperature? How about rollers or nodes on the bottom to help with blood circumlocution? Be sure you know exactly what benefit you want to get out of your foot spa bath.

The foot spa massagers mentioned above are similar but they have unique features, so be concise in your decision making.


It would be dismissive to say that price doesn’t usually come into play. The models above aren’t the cheapest, but they’re not the most expensive either. Again, select what features you want, so you’re not buying more than you really want or need.

Depth of Foot Bath

Some people just have issues with their feet. Others have pain all the way up through their calves. The depth of these models ranges a bit. If you’re looking for one to soak your feet and ankles, and possibly your calves, you’ll need to pay attention to the depth of the bath.


Using essential oils, bath bombs, seaweed, and other products are very popular with foot spa massagers. If you plan on adding other products, be sure the foot spa massager you choose is equipped to handle whatever additional pain relief you might be using.

5 Tips and Tricks to Relieve Arthritis

While massage and home foot spas are great for relieving arthritis, there are a few other simple and effective things you can do to help relieve the pain. Here are a few of those things you can do today to help:

  • Exercise regularly – even if it’s just simple bodyweight exercises (Bodyweight Burn Review) this will strengthen and provide flexibility in your feet.
  • Eat nutritiously – maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the amount of stress on your ankles, knees, joints, and feet.
  • Minimize sugar intake – high blood sugar can stiffen the tissue that supports your joints.
  • Stretch regularly – you’ve probably heard this one before, but stretching will help keep joints limber and provide a greater range of motion.
  • Avoid injury – this is a no-brainer, but use caution when exercising or doing activities. An injured joint is more likely to develop arthritis.

Are Home Foot Spa Massager Dangerous?

No, it’s not likely. Although you certainly need to be careful where water and electricity are concerned, foot spas are designed to keep the water away from the electrical components. Government certifications and consumer watchdogs make sure that all products on the market are safe to use as intended.

It’s always wise to use some caution but foot spas are designed to keep the water away from the electrical components. Give your home spa a quick look-over before using. If possible, use batteries instead of power cords for power.

Can a Home Foot Spa Massager Help With Gout?

First a quick definition of gout. Gout is a very painful disease that is a form of arthritis in which acidic crystals have accumulated within a joint. The most common and worse form of gout involves deposits of uric acid (a by-product of protein metabolism) mainly in the big toe, but it can affect other joints also.  

If Gout progresses and it is not controlled, it can affect other areas including kidney stones. Unhealthy eating habits and/or poor diet accounts for about 12% of gout conditions. 

A home foot spa massager can be an excellent gout treatment. However, experts say that they should not be used during a flare-up. If possible work around the flare-up until it’s gone away and then proceed with using the full benefits of a spa massager.

Can You Use Oils With Your Home Foot Spa?

Some of the spa massagers allow you to use oil in combination with them. If allowed check out these two suggestions:

  • To reduce inflammation or to help treat a bacterial infection or a cut, tea tree oil or peppermint oil are great options to add to your foot spa. These have antibacterial properties and can also ease the pain from a sore.
  • If your goal is to wind down, go for a product with lavender oil or chamomile tea in it. You can also add actual lavender oil or chamomile tea to your foot spa.

Conclusion of Home Foot Spa

I hope I answered all our questions about finding the best home foot spa massager for arthritis. The pain of sore feet can be debilitating but it doesn’t have to be that way. By using a foot spa and massager, you can successfully eliminate pain and be free to get on with your day.

There are a lot of different foot spas available on the market and it can be confusing to choose the right one for you, but the ones that we have talked about today are certainly among some of the best. If you are looking for the best home foot spa massager for arthritis or other foot-related pains, you are sure to find a great one in this selection.

FAQ of Home Foot Spa for Arthritis

How long should you keep your feet in a home foot spa?

Soaking your feet about for 15 minutes should provide relief for arthritis.

How do I relieve arthritis pain in my feet?

Start with foot massages, pain relievers, making sure your shoes fit properly, using shoe inserts or arch supports.

Are foot spas good for your feet?

Yes, foot spas are great for providing relief by improving blood circulation, massaging your feet, and releasing tension.

What can I put in my foot spa to soften my feet?

Epsom salt and essential oils are popular ingredients that can be added to your foot spa to soften your feet. Make sure your foot spa machine is capable of handling the additives.

Can I add Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is commonly added to help with swollen feet, and some home foot spas allow for Espsom salt. Be sure to read the instructions to see which allow for salt and oils.

Do you use a foot spa? How do you like it? Leave a comment below.

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