Solutions for Saggy Breasts – Realistic and Simple

Gravity can be a real…downer!

The problem with droopy or sagging breasts can be the result of several different factors. First, let’s discuss what your life-supporting boobs are made of. The breast is made of fat, skin, and breast tissue and they tend to change over time for a few reasons.

You’ve probably experienced small changes throughout the month depending on where you are on your cycle. But in the long run, over time, the skin on our bodies loses its elasticity which can lead to breast sagging.

Additionally, weight fluctuations can cause changes in boobs, and if you gained any weight followed by any kind of weight loss, the result could be sagging breasts…Pregnancy would be a great example of this kind of weight change.

The good news is, there are a couple of different natural solutions you can do to help with saggy breasts. Below are some solutions for saggy breasts you can incorporate doing today.

Best Exercises to Lift Saggy Breasts

Solution #1 – Exercise for Sagging Breast

You probably wish there was some muscle in the breast tissue, then all we would have to do is bust out some pushups every once in a while and we would have our perkiness back.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. While there isn’t any muscle in the breast tissue, there is the muscle behind the breast tissue. By toning these muscles behind your boobs you can give them a slightly lifted appearance. Not to mention, better posture, toned shoulders and arms which always look good in a dress.

To get you started on some simple bodyweight exercises (Bodyweight Burn Review) you can do at home to start working on those muscles, see below:

Solutions for saggy breasts include hydration, exercise, and proper fitting clothes.


The tried and true pushup is a fantastic upper body exercise. There’s a reason we all had to do them in gym class as a kid because they work. Still today, at the gym, you’ll see people doing pushups. If you have trouble doing pushups, you can either drop your knees down, or you can start by leaning against a wall and doing them. As your strength grows, you can move on to more difficult pushups.

Bench Press or Dumbbell Press

If you have access to a few dumbbells or a gym, doing some bench press with just the bar is a good start. Again, as your strength grows you’ll be able to slowly add some weight.


Planks are the first step in a pushup. By holding this position for 30 seconds, you’ll be hitting your chest, shoulders, and abs. It’s a great way to tone the entire upper body. If it feels too easy, slowly try to squeeze your hands towards each other. This will engage your pecs (chest muscles).

Plank with Shoulder Tap

Very similar to the plank, but a little bit more advanced, involves incorporating a should tap while holding the plank. As you can imagine doing a plank (albeit briefly) with one hand is more difficult than with both hands on the ground. The movement here is to get into the starting position, and lift one hand and touch the opposing shoulder, and then placing that hand back on the ground. Do the other hand, and alternate back and forth.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you can start doing a few of these exercises just a couple of times a week, you can feel and see some differences. Additionally, doing upper body workouts like shoulder workouts, and back workouts will help keep your back straight and strong. As we get older we tend to curl inward, and this doesn’t help. So do both push and pull muscle upper body workouts.

Better yet, by incorporating a healthy diet, you can keep body fat to a minimum. If you’re lucky enough to have a high metabolism and you’re looking to fill out a bit, healthy foods like avocados, nuts, and coconut oil can help fill out loose skin and plump up the breasts.

Another solution is to wear a better bra.

Best Bra Type for Saggy Breasts

Solution #2 – Better Bra Support

I get it, we all have our favorite, most comfortable bra. We also have our best looking bra for date night, and we have us every day, go to work bra. And that’s fine, but a properly fitting bra can help with sagging, even if it’s temporary. The best bra for saggy breasts may use underwires, have front and side support, and might have a bit of padding. It primarily depends on what you’re looking for.

Below is my short-list of bras for saggy breasts.

Playtex (Best Choice)

1) Playtex 18 Hour Bra – The Playtex 18 Hour Collection introduces a unique uplifting bra that works all day to offer ultimate lift and support. The comfortable wire-free design lifts and supports from the bottom to provide a great natural shape.

Features and Benefits:

If you’re looking to go wire-free, yet still looking for full coverage to avoid any spill out, this multi-styled bra might be best for you. The cushioned straps will help to avoid cutting into your shoulders as well as avoid falling off the shoulder, making more a more comfortable garment. Current users are saying “it’s the most comfortable bra ever!”

Chantelle Rive Gauche(Runner up)

2) Chantelle Full Coverage – The rive gauche full coverage unlined bra is designed for all-day comfort and support. The three seams on the cups providing a slimming effect. The beautiful stretch lace is soft and lays flat under clothing. The Full-coverage, stretch lace cups adapt to your shape and provide maximum containment and support, while the flat seams inside the cups work to center and lift the bust, creating a flattering, feminine shape that is ideal for everyday wear.

Features and Benefits:

This underwire, full-coverage bra has fully adjustable straps, full-support lift, stretch vintage style lace cups that adapts to your shape, all while providing a slimming appearance. You can look and feel your best in this one.

Fruit of the Loom (Budget-Friendly)

3) Fruit of the Loom – from a brand that you can recognize and trust, Fruit of the Loom makes my list. The Fruit of the Loom women’s seamless wire-free lift bra is the smooth and supportive style you’ve been searching for. This bra is made of soft, stretch fabric that provides all-day comfort. Padding designed with a bottom bump to perfectly lift and shape, so that you’re always looking and feeling your best!

Features and Benefits:

If you’re looking at a bit of padding and extreme comfort this Fruit of the Loom line hits the spot. If wires seem to poke and prod or you have sensitive skin, these take the cake. They’re affordable, fit well, and come in a variety of colors.

Solution #3 Hydrate

You’ve heard it a hundred times, but drinking plenty of water is so good for you. It’s especially good for the skin. Staying hydrated helps increase elasticity in the skin as it stays moisturized for longer. Increased elasticity in the skin implies delayed sagging of the skin, which is a major contributing factor to saggy breasts.

Conclusion of Solutions for Saggy Breasts

We can’t turn back the clock but we can take preventative measures to slow it down. We can exercise well, eat better, and wear better fitting clothing, all of which will help with sagging breasts. Take the aforementioned solutions to heart so you can look and feel your best all day every day.

FAQ on Solutions for Saggy Boobs

How do you get rid of saggy boobs naturally?

Maintaining a proper diet and exercise routine will help the appearance of sagging boobs. Also, drink plenty of fluids.

Can you fix saggy breasts?

Time and aging are inevitable. As your skin loses its elasticity, the result can be droopy boobs.

Will surgery fix my saggy breasts?

For some, surgery is an option. Implants and breast lifts are common procedures for sagging breasts.

What exercises fix saggy boobs?

Your breasts are connected to the pectoralis major muscle. So by strengthening this muscle, you can reduce the appearance of sagging. Pushups and bench press are great exercises for the chest.

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